General: What does ‘Right of Interment’ mean, and what does it include?

The issuing of a Right of Interment does not entitle the holder to any title or interest in the land or lot, but instead provides for the right to inter the person(s) named on the Right of Interment.  The payment for a Right of Interment does not include fees for interment, liners, or other charges, and is subject in every way to the current Cemetery Bylaw and any other future Cemetery Bylaw.

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1. General: What are the cemetery hours of operation?
2. General: Is your office located at a cemetery?
3. General: When is the Cemetery Caretaker on duty at the cemetery?
4. General: Which cemeteries are owned and operated by the City of Maple Ridge?
5. General: What does ‘Right of Interment’ mean, and what does it include?
6. General: What is the definition of “Resident”?
7. General: Can I purchase a plot or niche and put it on reserve?
8. General: What will a cemetery plot or niche cost?
9. General: Are the fees at both cemeteries the same?
10. General: Is there a limit to how long someone can be interred in a plot or niche?
11. General: What is the Perpetual Care Fund?
12. General: What guarantee do I have that Perpetual Care will take care of the cemetery?
13. General: Will the cemetery ever be used for something else?
14. General: How do I know if the marker I’ve ordered has been installed?
15. General: What steps do I take when a death has occurred?
16. General: What is “Control of Disposition” and who has it?
17. General: Can I pay Cemetery fees in advance or in installments?
18. General: What are the regulations around artificial flowers or landscaping on a plot?
19. Pre-planning: What can I plan in advance?
20. Pre-planning: What happens if I bought a plot or niche but don’t want it anymore?
21. Pre-planning: How many plots or niches can I buy?
22. Pre-planning: What future costs do I need to be aware of?
23. Pre-planning: Do you do interments on Statutory Holidays?
24. Pre-Planning: What happens if I change my mind and want a different kind of plot or niche?
25. Pre-Planning: What information is required if I want to reserve a plot or niche in advance?
26. Pre-Planning: How do I know what grave spaces are available?
27. Pre-Planning: What are the interment options?
28. Ground Burial: I have a full burial plot but my spouse wants to be cremated. Can we share the same plot?
29. Ground Burial: How many cremated remains are permitted on a full burial lot?
30. Ground Burial: Do I have to purchase a liner and what are they made of?
31. Ground Burial: One of my ancestors has a plot or plots in the cemetery. How do I have future interments added to these plots?
32. Cremation: What documents do I need to take with me to the Cemetery at the time of interment?
33. Cremation: What type of service can I have for cremated remains?
34. Cremation: What are my options for placement of cremated remains?
35. Cremation: What is commingling of cremated remains and is it allowed anywhere in the cemetery?
36. Cremation: When is a cremation liner required and why?
37. Cremation: What is a columbarium?
38. Cremation: What is the inside dimensions of the niches?
39. Cremation: How many urns can go in a niche?
40. Cremation: Is there a special kind of urn that the cremated remains need to be in?
41. Cremation: How secure are the niches?
42. Cremation: What type of memorial is used on the niches?
43. Cremation: What are the rules around the columbaria?
44. Cremation: Can my pet be cremated and buried with me?
45. Cremation: I have loved ones interred in the old Rosegarden. Can additional cremated remains be interred at the old Rosegarden?
46. Memorialization: How do I know if the marker I’ve ordered has been installed?
47. Memorialization: What is a marker installation fee?
48. Memorialization: How do I have a vase installed with the marker?
49. Memorialization: What size and type of marker can I have on a plot? How many markers can we have on one plot?
50. Memorialization: I would like to put a marker on our plot for someone who is not buried in the cemetery. Can this be done?
51. Locating a Loved One: How do I search for my loved one in your cemetery? Can I get a map of the cemetery?
52. Locating a Loved One: Do you have records for all burials in Maple Ridge?