Why do these upgrades need to be done?

The Maple Ridge Leisure Center (MRLC) opened in 1981 and has served us well for almost 40 years. However, to continue serving our citizens well into the future, upgrades are needed. The project is driven by the need to update the mechanical and filtration systems. Filtration and pump systems date back to the original construction of the facility and are now obsolete, expensive to maintain and have presented reliability concerns. These upgrades will not only improve the mechanical systems but increase overall accessibility and customer enjoyment.

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1. When did the closure begin and how long will it take?
2. Why has the opening been delayed?
3. What upgrades are being done?
4. Why do these upgrades need to be done?
5. How will the facility be more accessible?
6. Where can I go to swim during the closure?
7. What is the plan for the new aquatics change space?
8. How has the aquatics change space been modernized?
9. Will privacy and safety be improved in the new aquatics change space?
10. Why didn’t the City build a new pool first?
11. What will happen to my membership with the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre?
12. Will the registered programs, arts programs, adult programs, etc continue to run?
13. Will the retrofit affect Memorial Peace Park?
14. What temperature will the Leisure Pool be?
15. Will the new pool use chlorine?
16. Will the facility be opened in time for the 2020 BC Summer Games?
17. Will the diving board and rope swing return?
18. Who do I contact if I need help figuring out an accommodation plan that works for me?
19. What is the plan for the new aquatics change space?
20. What areas of the MRLC remain open?