Alouette River Urgent Alerts

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January 31, 2020 8:12 PM

Weather and River Alert Friday January 31 at 8:30 pm

High rainfall amounts have resulted in localized flooding in some areas of the community and the forecast is for continuing heavy rain through the night.

There is flooding reported along 132 Avenue between 216 and Edge Street as well as on 224 Street north of 132 Avenue. Road closures are in effect until the water levels recede.

There are reports of flooding in the Hammond neighbourhood as a result of rainfall accumulations in the Katzie Slough. The dyke water pump that services that area has been working at capacity for a number of hours to move water from the Slough into the Fraser River.

Citizens are reporting ponding water on private property and on roadways in other areas of the community due to the heavy and sustained rainfall.

The risk of additional flooding remains for both the North and South Alouette River and other watercourses around the City are experiencing high volumes as the weather system moves through the region into Saturday morning.

BC Hydro are currently doing a controlled release from the Alouette reservoir in to the South Alouette River and Stave Lake systems to address the accumulation of precipitation in the reservoir. Rainfall amounts in the high side of the forecast may result in a free crest from the reservoir into the spillway for a period of time until the rain eases.

City staff are monitoring conditions closely issuing updated advisories on the City website at as new information becomes available.

Citizens who live in proximity to the North or South Alouette river are encouraged to sign up for push notifications to their email or smartphone by clicking on the ‘Stay Connected’ icon on the City homepage at There is a specific ‘Alouette River Urgent Alerts’ notification that pushes the latest updates to people’s emails or mobile device based on their choice setting up the notifications.

Citizens who live along the river are encouraged to review their personal emergency preparedness for flooding. The flow rates for ALL local streams and rivers is extremely high and people should use extra caution along watercourses.

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