Albion Flats Area Plan

The Albion Flats Planning Process is a priority project identified in the City of Maple Ridge’s 2017 Business Plan. The broad process outlined below has been endorsed by Council.

The majority of the land in the Albion Flats is within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The Agricultural Land Commission has previously stated that the lands south of 105 Avenue could be removed from the ALR under certain conditions. The land north of 105th Avenue is to remain in the ALR.

The Planning Process will focus on a number of land uses including recreation, commercial, and business park options.
During 2017, the Community Facilities Conversation took place that involved potential projects located within the Albion Area Plan footprint. The Community Facilities Conversation seeks to obtain public input on improving and expanding community recreation facilities in the community and determine the priorities of citizens and timing to meet the future growth of the community.

View the area planning boundaries for Albion Flats (PDF).

What's Happening

Opportunities to Provide input

Opportunities to provide input at key milestones in the planning process occur within each phase. All opportunities will be posted on this page and within the community. Check this webpage frequently for updated events.

Phase 1: Re-Establish and Initiate an Area Plan Process

Phase one includes a review of previous community and stakeholder input provided, planning work completed, and an assessment of the current situation and Council’s priorities for Albion Flats today. A key step in this phase will be a workshop with Council to discuss the components of the 2010 charrette options.

Phase 2: Concept Plan Endorsement

Phase two works to re-draft an updated land use concept plan for Albion Flats. This will include a general concept plan, overview, and explanation of land use designations. A revised preliminary concept plan will be provided for public and stakeholder review. Feedback from this review will be used to refine and revise the draft plan prior to seeking Council endorsement and the direction to prepare an Area Plan Bylaw.

Phase 3: ALR Exclusion

Following Council’s endorsement of the Albion Flats Concept Plan, they will determine when the City will submit a block Exclusion application to the ALC. In previous correspondence, the ALC has indicated that they can support exclusion of lands south of 105th Avenue, with conditions related to drainage and stormwater management for the lands to the north of 105th Avenue.

Phase 4: Area Plan Bylaw

An Area Plan Bylaw process will be outlined in the staff report that will seek Council’s endorsement of the concept plan, including any additional consultation events and the process for a Regional Growth Strategy amendment.