Albion Flats Area Plan

The Albion Flats have been the subject of various concept planning efforts over the years. In 2018, Council re-affirmed a work plan to explore a land use area planning process for the lands south-east of Jim Robson Way. The goal of the Albion Flats Planning Process is for an Area Plan to be adopted by Council. The Albion Flats Planning Process is a priority project identified in City Council’s Strategic Plan 2019-2022.Albion Flats Plan Boundary And Concept Plan Area

What is an Area Plan?

An area plan is a Council adopted Bylaw that provides a greater level of detail regarding land use, density, form, character, and phasing for a specific area, than is typically found in an Official Community Plan. An area plan can apply to a group of neighbourhoods, or a single neighbourhood, and is suitable for newly developing, existing or historic neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods can be residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, or agricultural, or of any combination. The general content of an area plan is identified in the Official Community Plan policies. However each area plan is unique, as the content is often dependent upon the issues, characteristics and objectives defined by stakeholders through consultation.

Where Are We Now in the Planning Process?

On October 5, 2015, Council endorsed a renewed planning process to complete a revised land use concept plan and Albion Flats Area Plan Bylaw. It was proposed to revisit the 2010 charrette outcomes and community stakeholder input as the basis for identifying preferred land uses and moving forward to complete an Area Plan Bylaw. The Albion Flats Area Planning process was proposed to have four phases. A description of each phase is outlined below.

On November 12, 2019, Council endorsed a concept plan for the Albion Flats that includes flexible opportunities for residential units above ground floor commercial, and a mixed-use commercial node located close to 240 Street to provide better proximity to the existing Albion neighbourhood. The City is currently in Phase 3 of the planning process.

Albion Flats Process Diagram

Phase 1: Re-Establish and Initiate an Area Plan Process

Phase one included a review of previous community and stakeholder input, planning work, and an assessment of the current situation. A key step in this phase was a workshop with Council that discussed the components of the 2010 charrette options. 

Key Council Reports

Phase 2: Concept Plan Endorsement

Phase two included works to re-draft an updated land use concept plan for Albion Flats. A general concept plan, overview, and explanation of land use designations was updated and feedback from the public and stakeholders was received. Feedback from this review was used to refine and revise the draft plan prior to seeking Council endorsement. A key step in this phase was Council’s endorsement of a concept plan.

Key Council Reports

Phase 3: ALR Exclusion - WE ARE HERE!

Following Council’s endorsement of the Albion Flats Concept Plan, Council directed that the plan be forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) in advance of a meeting with the ALC. As of June 2020, the ALC has directed their staff to work with City staff to refine and prioritize drainage options for the area. Figuring out drainage options for the area is a fundamental first step that must be satisfied prior to advancing discussions. City staff are meeting with ALC staff to discuss the drainage options as well as other requirements.

Phase 4: Area Plan Bylaw

The majority of the land in the Albion Flats is within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). If the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) supports the exclusion of the lands, then an Area Plan Bylaw process will begin. An Area Plan Bylaw process will be outlined in the staff report that will seek Council’s endorsement of the concept plan, including any additional consultation events and the process for a Regional Growth Strategy amendment.

Have Questions?

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