2024-2028 Financial Plan (2024 Budget)


Development of Maple Ridge’s 2024 budget and 2024-2028 Financial Plan is taking place from fall 2023 to spring 2024. 

Activities to date have included priority-setting, business planning, and public engagement on the 2024 budget priorities from Jan. 16 to 28. Thank you to everyone who provided their input. 

Give Your Feedback Feb. 16 to March 22 

Based on the January public feedback (see summary report), new housing legislation and priorities from the Council Strategic Plan and other master plans, the City has prepared scenarios with varying service enhancements, related costs and taxpayer impacts. These scenarios are being considered by Council on Feb. 6 and Feb.13.  Council direction will be incorporated in the 2024-2028 Financial Plan.

Maple Ridge has launched a second feedback opportunity for the 2024 from Feb. 16 to March 22. 

The feedback will be considered as the City prepares for the adoption of the bylaws for the financial plan and tax rates, anticipated in April. 

Comments on the budget or other financial matters may also be provided year-round to budget@mapleridge.ca or 604-467-7484 (voicemail).   


Cities are required to adopt a budget each year to identify the costs related to the wide variety of services they provide and how they intend to pay for them. Local governments are not permitted to adopt budgets with a deficit. 

Each year’s budget is also part of a five-year financial plan that includes forecasting for future expenditures and revenue. Learn more about how Maple Ridge develops its annual budget.

The process to create the 2024 budget included an additional step: the development of the 2023-2026 Council Strategic Plan that was adopted in May 2023 following public consultation.  

Based on the Strategic Plan, the City developed a set of performance measures known as Objectives and Key Results (OKR), which enable the organization to deliver on the Strategic Priorities with clear outcomes the City is aiming to achieve over the next 18 months.  

The OKR framework guided the development of the proposed 2024 Strategic Work Plan, which was also informed by presentations made by the City’s service areas to Council in December, celebrating the accomplishments of the past year.

Public Engagement

Development of the 2024 budget includes several opportunities for public engagement.

From Jan. 16 to 28, the City invited public feedback on the 2024 budget priorities through a guided survey, which was available online and in print and promoted through social media and three pop-up events. More than 2,500 people were reached, about 1,250 took the opportunity to learn more, and 460 people completed the survey. Read the Budget Priorities Engagement Summary report.

During a second round of public engagement from Feb. 16 to March 22, 2024, the community has the opportunity to learn about and provide feedback on the proposed Financial Plan.   

Public comments or questions about City finances can also be submitted at any time of the year using the contact information at the bottom of this page. 

Priorities Guiding the Budget

Priorities from the 2023-2026 Council Strategic Plan provide the framework for the 2024 budget. 



We continue to build Maple Ridge into a liveable community that meets the needs of our diverse residents, businesses and other stakeholders through community planning, transportation and infrastructure services that benefit and strengthen our City today and in the future. 

Housing Acceleration  

As is the case across B.C., the lack of affordable housing options is an increasing challenge in Maple Ridge, resulting in unprecedented home prices and rental rates. A significant number of residents have difficulty finding secure and affordable housing, leading to homelessness, social inequality and other issues. 

Facilitating housing for all income levels is critical for people to afford to live and participate in their community, for businesses to grow and create jobs, and for attracting skilled workers and investment.  

New provincial legislation outlines new requirements and responsibilities for local governments to take steps to increase housing supply. These new responsibilities come with significant related costs that the City must incorporate in its financial planning. 

Related actions proposed in 2024: 

  • Create criteria to prioritize development applications with the most benefit to the community. 
  • Update the City’s Housing Strategy. 
  • Conduct a feasibility study on incentives for desired housing development. 
  • Develop a concierge service to facilitate affordable housing development. 
  • Explore the use of City-owned lands for affordable housing. 
  • Update City housing plans and policies, including the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws, to include more housing types and better define where population growth will occur. 
  • Speed up application processing, including developing pre-approved site plans. 
  • Review the City’s density bonusing program, a tool to encourage construction of more housing units on a property and to increase the supply of affordable housing.  

Responsible City Asset Management

Maple Ridge’s inventory of City-owned assets – including buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and equipment – exceed $2 billion in value and are essential to providing City services.  

As the community continues to grow, it is crucial to plan for the delivery, maintenance and replacement of these assets to ensure reliable, sustainable and equitable City services throughout Maple Ridge, now and in the future. 

Related actions proposed in 2024: 

  • Improve coordination for the delivery of capital projects. 
  • Enhance maintenance of parks and roads. 
  • Enhance delivery of parks projects, including landscaping. 
  • Review the Development Cost Charge bylaw to ensure fees collected from developers are adequate to fund growth-related infrastructure and services. 
  • Develop a strategy for the development of a comprehensive Asset Management Plan. 
  • Capital projects include: 
    • Widen Abernethy Way from 224 to 230 Streets and extending it from 232 to 240 Street. 
    • Upgrade the 225 Street forcemain and pump station to better serve Town Centre and East Maple Ridge
    • Twin the Grant Mountain reservoir to increase water capacity in Albion. 


Want to get in touch? There are a few ways to contact our team. 

  1. Email the Budget Office | budget@mapleridge.ca 
  2. Call the Budget Hotline | 604-467-7484 (voicemail)  
  3. Write to Our Team | Use the mailing details below:

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