2023-2027 Financial Plan (Budget)


Each year’s budget is part of a Five-Year Financial Plan that sets out the resources, revenues and expenditures required to deliver services to the community. 

The Community Charter requires that Council adopt a Five-Year Financial Plan each year prior to adopting the annual property tax bylaw. Based on various long-term plans and strategies, the plan includes specific details for the current year and a guideline for the upcoming four years.

Council approved the 2023 – 2027 Financial Plan unanimously at the May 9, 2023, Council meeting. You can click the graphic boxes below for details.

2023-2027 Financial Plan (Budget)
2023-2027 Capital Program

How Your Tax Dollars Are Invested

This information has been provided to all homeowners and businesses as part of the 2023 Tax Notice mailer. The graphic and chart show how your tax dollars are invested in the operation of the City. A printable PDF version of the document can be found HERE


2023 Financial Plan Highlights

Here is a summary of Capital Plan investments that are part of the 2023 Financial Plan. This information was included in the 2023 Tax Notice to all homeowners and businesses.  A printable PDF version of the document can be found HERE

2023 Financial Plan Highlights_Tax Mailer


2023 Budget Approach & Timeline

Budget Approach

The year’s draft budget balances affordability with the impact of inflation and the need to establish a strong foundation for the community's future. 

Budget Timeline

Development of the 2023-2027 Financial Plan is now underway, based on the following schedule: 

  • March 27 | Business Plan presentations begin 
  • March 29 | Business Plan presentations conclude, Council deliberation on staff Financial Plan recommendations 
  • March 30-April 14 | Online Survey - Engage Maple Ridge
  • April 18 | Draft Financial Plan to Council Committee of the Whole 
  • April 25 | Financial Plan Bylaw and Property Tax Bylaw – first three readings given.
  • May 9 | Financial Plan Bylaw and Property Tax Bylaw – Council unanimous adoption given