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Reminder to family members and visitors to the Maple Ridge Cemetery

All artificial flowers, containers and other personal mementos should be removed from cremation and burial plots at the Maple Ridge and Whonnock cemeteries prior to the beginning of the grass-cutting season on March 31, 2024.

Removal of these items is necessary to prevent injury when mowing the grounds and to avoid damage to personal items. Artificial flowers or other items (other than fresh flowers) that have not been removed by April 5, 2024, will be collected by the Cemetery Caretaker and stored at the cemetery building for a period of six weeks.

 These items may be picked up at a mutually agreeable date and time by calling 604-467-7307.

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The City of Maple Ridge owns and operates two cemeteries in Maple Ridge:

Maple Ridge Cemetery

21404 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge, BC

Whonnock Cemetery

27292 96 Avenue
Maple Ridge, BC

For introductory information, we encourage you to review our Cemetery Services brochure.

Options, Services, Regulations & Fees

It is important to us that you are informed and prepared when interment arrangements are required. Information specific to Maple Ridge’s cemeteries is grouped into:

1. Interment Options

The City of Maple Ridge cemeteries are open to everyone, and residents of Maple Ridge receive a reduced rate for the Right of Interment. The definition of a resident is any person who: 
  • is a resident of the City on the date of the application for a Right of Interment; or
  • a person who resided in the City at the time of death; or
  • was a five (5) year resident of the City within eighteen (18) months preceding death; or
  • owned real property in the City at the time of death; or
  • owned real property in the City for more than ten (10) years at any time preceding death and can show proof of ownership.

This chart explains which interment options are available at the Maple Ridge Cemetery and Whonnock Cemetery:

  Maple Ridge Cemetery Whonnock Cemetery
Traditional Casket Burial (Adult) Yes Yes
Traditional Casket Burial (Child) Yes No
In-Ground Cremation Burial Yes Yes
Columbarium Inurnment Yes No
Garden Burial Yes No
Memorial Only Yes No

Traditional Casket Burial/Interment (Adult)

Both cemeteries offer Traditional Adult casket burial graves, also referred to as Adult Full Burial graves.  Currently, all Adult Full Burial graves are single depth. Companions wishing to be laid to rest together would purchase two side-by-side Adult Full Burial graves.  The dimensions of each grave are 8’ X 4’ (2.44m X 1.22m).  A single Adult Full Burial grave may inter up to one Casket and a maximum of four sets of Cremated Remains.


Traditional Casket Burial/Interment (Child)

The Maple Ridge Cemetery offers Traditional Child casket burial graves, also referred to as Child Full Burial graves.  Currently, all Child Full Burial graves are single depth. Child Full Burial graves within Babyland cemetery sections are limited to children from birth up to, and including, the age of 10, and includes a stillborn infant.  These grave spaces are 6’ X 2’ 3” (1.83m X .69m), and they may inter up to one Child Casket and a maximum of two sets of Cremated Remains of Family Members.  The definition of Family Members is a parent, grandparent, or sibling, and includes the biological, adopted, step and variations thereof.  

In-Ground Cremation Burial/Interment
Both cemeteries offer In-Ground Cremation graves which are currently single depth.  Companions wishing to be laid to rest together would purchase two side-by-side In-ground Cremation graves.   In-Ground Cremation graves are 2’ x 3’ and can only accommodate one urn per grave site.


Columbarium Inurnment

The Maple Ridge Cemetery offers both single-compartment and double-compartment Columbaria.  A Columbaria is an above ground, multi-level structure made of metal and granite, and composed of a number of niches to house cremated remains. Cremated remains placed in a columbaria must be in a durable sealed urn. Single Niches are 11” X 11” X 11” (28 cm X 28 cm X 28 cm) and may hold one set of Cremated Remains.  Double Niches are 15” X 14” X 12” (38.1 cm X 35.6 cm X 30.5 cm) and may hold a maximum of two sets of Cremated Remains.  Cremated remains in Double Niches may be commingled.  Commingling is the intentional and irreversible mixing of the Cremated Remains of two deceased persons.

Garden Burial

A garden burial is done at the Maple Ridge Cemetery in a location referred to as “The Meadows”.  The Meadows is a rose garden that is subdivided into numerous small plots.  The cremated remains interred in The Meadows stay contained within the plastic bag that they come in.  Once cremated remains are scattered in the garden, they are non-recoverable. There is a beautiful memorial plaque associated with The Meadows where names of those interred are inscribed.  The plaque is engraved the beginning of each year for those who were interred the previous year.


2. Gravesite Options

There are several graveside options available to families. Each should be discussed with the funeral chapel staff prior to arrival at the cemetery. The options are:  Above Ground, Ground Level, Watch-Lower, and Watch-Close.

Above Ground

A casket rests at the grave on a pedestal which is part of a lowering device.  The casket stays above ground until family and friends disperse.  

Ground Level

A casket rests at the grave on a pedestal which is part of a lowering device.  The casket is lowered to the point where the top of the casket is level with the ground.  The full interment is completed after family and friends disperse.



A Watch-Lower option is permitted but may be discouraged against at certain times of the year, or when families are unprepared to see in the grave. Funeral home staff must be in attendance until family and friends disperse. 

Watch Close

A Watch-Close option is permitted but may be discouraged against at certain times of the year or when families are unprepared to witness the full closing of the grave procedure. During the closing of the grave families need to maintain a 20’ distance from the grave site and equipment for safety reasons, and funeral home staff must be in attendance until family and friends disperse.

Other Cemetery Options

A 10’ X 15’ awning is available free of charge upon request for inclement weather and shade from heat. Please note that our awning will not be used during windy conditions.

Graveside seating is available free of charge upon request. The City can provide a bank of seating for four.

A Pallbearing service is provided upon request. Please note that only 2 pallbearers (cemetery ground crew) are available and will be dressed in work clothes. The cemetery staff have the right to refuse assistance at the graveside if deemed unsafe in any way (i.e. weight of casket, inappropriate footwear of funeral home staff or family, ground conditions, etc.).

3. Memorialization

All flat markers are installed by the Cemetery Caretaker, and only after the interment has taken place and the marker installation fee has been paid. Flat markers may be made of stone or bronze. For a complete list of memorialization regulations, please refer to the Maple Ridge Cemetery Bylaw 7612-2020 and the Maple Ridge & Whonnock Cemetery Marker & Monument Regulations brochure.

Designated full burial plots in Cemetery Section 6 allow for an Upright Monument or Pillow Top Marker. For a complete list of memorialization regulations, please refer to our Maple Ridge Cemetery Section 6 Marker & Monument Regulations.

Markers and monuments are provided by either a funeral chapel or a monument company, and are not supplied by the City of Maple Ridge. To purchase a marker or monument, please refer to the list of monument companies.

Monument Companies are required to submit an application form for Upright Monuments and Pillow Top Markers.

4. Grave Adornment & Landscaping

Cut flowers, wreaths and other floral offerings placed on Graves will be removed by the Caretaker when their condition is considered by him to be detrimental to the beauty of the Cemetery.


Artificial flowers can only be placed in a Cemetery between November 15 and March 15.

Adornment or defining a Grave with a fence, hedge, railing, curbing, or landscaping is prohibited.

Only authorized employees of the City can plant, remove, cut down, or destroy any trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, bulbs or rocks in a Cemetery.  Any unauthorized adornment or landscaping that is considered by the Caretaker to be untidy or unsafe will be removed by the Caretaker at his discretion.

5. Cemetery Fee Schedule


Grief Support


  • BC Archives at The Royal BC Museum provides Vital Statistic Records for deaths occurring in British Columbia between 1872 and 1996.  
  • Family Search will sometimes provide images of death certificates not shown in those found on the Royal BC Museum website.
  • The history of the museum begins with the Maple Ridge Historical Society. Formed in 1957, the Maple Ridge Historical Society has devoted fifty years to the protection, preservation and sharing of all forms of our community heritage. The Historical Society Board of Directors and the members of the Historical Society continue to support Maple Ridge’s community heritage.

Other Genealogy Websites

Groups independent of the City of Maple Ridge have catalogued information on Maple Ridge interments. Many years ago, families were able to place markers on graves for someone who was not interred in the cemetery. The independent groups get some of their information from existing markers in the cemetery.  So in some cases, you will see the name of a deceased person on these websites; however, the deceased person is not necessarily interred in the cemetery.

Find a Grave

Financial Benefits & Assistance

Survivor & Other Death Benefits

CPP – Government of Canada Pension Plan Information & Benefits - Description of CPP Benefits


BC Funeral Association
If you have a complaint or concern with a cemetery operator or funeral provider, the suggested first step of action is to try and resolve the concern directly with the provider. In the event the concern cannot be resolved in this manner, you may wish to contact the following provincial association:

Suite 211 – 2187 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC V8R 1G1
Tel: 250-592-3213
Toll Free: 800-665-3899

If the concern is still not resolved, put it in writing and send it to Consumer Protection BC, who will investigate the issue for you. Consumer Protection BC is the Authority responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the Cremation Interment and Funeral Services Act provincial legislation. All cemetery operators and funeral providers are required to be registered with Consumer Protection BC and are required to operate according to the provincial legislation.

Consumer Protection BC
PO Box 9244, Victoria BC V8W 9J2
Tel: 604-320-1667
Fax:  250-920-7181
Toll Free: 888-564-9963
Email: operations@consumerprotectionbc.ca

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