1. Committees & Commissions

    Maple Ridge invites interested residents to participate as a member of one of its Committees or Commissions. Members act as advisers to Council on specific issues and report back to Council on the result of their work. Council takes into consideration the input provided by these groups when making decisions at the Council table.

  2. Customer Service

    Please take a moment to give us your feedback. What did we do well? What can we do better?

  3. Departments

    Browse through departments and learn what services they provide.

  4. Emergency Services

    Non-emergency and emergency contacts for Police, Fire, the Municipal Emergency Program, Ambulance, Environmental issues and Search & Rescue.

  5. Mayor & Council

    Contact Mayor and Council to appear as a delegation, invite them to a function, write a congratulatory letter, or submit a petition.

  6. Staff Directory

    Contact key staff members.