Hot Summer Nights

hot summer nights wed update
2019 Hot Summer Nights Dates/Locations:

July 11:         

229th Loop – south end; please park in each other’s driveways so that the south part of the loop is free of vehicles parked on the road from 13495 around to 13500.   

July 18:           

11200 Block of 238th Street – more details regarding this particular event to be released soon.  Stay tuned!

July 25:         

Tolmie Park – Lorne Avenue/Princess Street

August 01:      

Thorne Avenue cul de sac @ Graves Street – please park in each other’s driveways so that the entire cul de sac and Graves Street around Thorne Avenue are clear to accommodate the fire trucks. 

August 08:     

Alouette Park behind Alouette Elementary - please park in each other’s driveways so that there is room for the fire trucks on 220A Street by the park.

August 15:      

Albion - Country Lane Estates Park (North) – 243 Street/102A Avenue – please keep the block on the east side of the park clear of vehicles to accommodate the fire trucks.

August 22:      

Chilcotin Park – Skillen Street/Alpine Crescent – please keep the area in front of the park available to accommodate the fire trucks.

Request A Visit

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Important Notice: 
Dates and locations are preliminary and subject to change. Crews depart the fire hall approximately 6:30 p.m. for each event. Arrival depends on driving time to the location. The number of fire trucks attending depends on availability of volunteers for each event. Water restrictions, inclement weather (pouring rain) or emergency calls may cause events to be cancelled.

Community Testimonials

"This is a huge thank you from our Silver Valley Community (Docksteader/Foreman Loop) for the fabulous "Hot Summer Night" event you arranged for us. It was wonderful that our Maple Ridge Fire Department would take the time to come here, and by so doing, you have fostered a wonderful community spirit and provided a "hands on" fun learning experience for the children and adults living here. The patience and kindness displayed by all the firemen when dealing with the children was wonderful to see.
Thank you again"
Marilyn and John

"Hi there. Last year we went to the summer event that the firetrucks and firefighters were at Harry Hooge School for an evening. What a fantastic community event. The kids had such a great time splashing in the water and seeing the inside of the trucks. We were wondering if you are having that again this year and if so what the date of it is? Thanks.
Have a great day!"

"I just returned from the July 3 Hot Summer Nights event at Laityview Elementary and I would like to express my thanks to all the fire staff that were there and made the event possible. My wife, son and I truly enjoyed the event. My son was just beside himself and despite his excitement and talking the firemen's ears off, the firemen were very kind and accommodating to him and my questions about their equipment. I also appreciate the amount of equipment that attended the event. I was pleasantly surprised by that. My son loves the Fire Department and as many 4 year old children, dreams of one day being a firefighter and this event brought a tremendous amount of enjoyment to him and in turn my wife and I. So again my thanks for what was a really fun event.
Thank you!"