Environmental Emergency & Contact Information

In the event of an environmental emergency, contact the Maple Ridge Environmental Affairs Group during regular working hours at 604-467-7499 and 604-467-7300, ext. 5619, or the Planning Department enquiries line at 604-467-7341. Outside of regular office hours, please call one of the following agency hotlines:

  • Fish Kills or Destruction of Habitat
    Tel: 604-666-3500 (Division of Fisheries and Oceans [DFO] 24-hour Hotline)
    Tel: 1-800-663-9453 (Ministry of Environment [MoE] Hotline)
  • Hazardous Spills (includes chemical or oil spills, discharges to stormdrains and dumping in creeks and stream)
    Tel: 604-666-6100 (Environment Canada 24-hour Hotline)
    Tel: 1-800-663-3456 (MoE Provincial Emergency Program)
    Tel: 604-666-3500 (DFO 24-hour Hotline)
  • Extreme Erosion Sedimentation or Flooding
    Tel: 1-800-663-3456 (MoE Provincial Emergency Program)
  • Sewer Main Breaks, Water Main Breaks, Water Line Shut-Off, Flooding
    Tel: 604-463-9581 (City of Maple Ridge After-Hours Emergency)
  • Dirty or Turbid Water, Minor Erosion or Sedimentation
    Tel: 604-467-7300, ext. 5619 (City of Maple Ridge Environmental Affairs)