Performance Reports

The City’s Business Planning process links Council's vision to budgets and business plans to make sure our efforts align with Council direction. Regular performance reporting is a key part of this process, holding the City accountable to citizens, businesses and community groups.


More than 60 Scorecards enable you to see how we're progressing in relation to the City's Corporate Business Plan. These scorecards are a work in progress and we will continue to enhance the content. Your feedback is requested and appreciated.

Progress Report

A selection of the performance reports are included in the Progress Report section of the Annual Report, a print-format document. The full Annual Report is available and includes financial statements.

Citizen Surveys

The City surveys our citizens every three years to obtain their views on strategic direction, and on their satisfaction with City services. The Community Survey provides valuable citizen input into both strategic planning and service delivery assessment.
2014 Citizens Survey (PDF) I View All Citizens Surveys

Public Engagement in Performance Reporting

The City is always looking for ways to engage with the public to enhance our mutual understanding. Funded in part by the Government Trailblazer Program of the Center on Government Performance, part of the National Center for Civic Innovation, Maple Ridge has periodically solicited detailed feedback from high-school students to ensure our performance reports are informative from a public standpoint, and incorporated changes to our reporting as a result of this input.

Compliance Reporting

Occasionally, the City must report out on specific information to be compliant with third party organizational requirements.

Strategic Community Investment Funds (SCI) delivers funding to local governments under the existing Small Community, Regional District and Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing grant programs. SCI Funds Plan and Progress Report - 2014 (PDF)