123 Avenue Road Improvements (Laity St to 216 St)

The City of Maple Ridge plans to complete road upgrades on 123 Avenue between Laity Street to 216 Street to address resident concerns regarding urbanization and safety along this corridor.

Project Description

The 123 Avenue roadway between Laity Street and 216 Street is a collector road in a residential neighbourhood that acts as an east-west corridor for traffic in the neighbourhood. The roadway also provides pedestrian access to nearby elementary and secondary schools. The road requires upgrades to meet current standards for designated cycle routes that connect to schools, parks and commercial areas. This project will provide cycling facilities that are separated from traffic and support the Regional Cycling Strategy in increasing cycling mode share.

The project objectives include:

  • Improving multi-modal facilities along the 123 Avenue corridor
  • Improving connectivity and functionality of the City’s transportation network
  • Improving curb, gutter and sidewalks 
  • Replacing storm and sanitary sewers

Aplin and Martin Consultants Ltd. has been retained to design the project. Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2024 and complete in the spring of 2025.

Project Design

After considerable research and analysis to determine a design that would best address resident concerns and improve infrastructure, the design for the new road layout is complete.

View the project design


We received a lot of valuable feedback at the open houses. Here are some common questions that came up and their responses.

Why is a multi-use path being installed on 123 Avenue?The Strategic Transportation Plan identifies 123 Avenue as a Collector Road with multi-modal amenities between 203 Street and 216 Street. This project will install a multi-use path between Laity Street and 216 Street. A future project will complete the works between 203 Street and Laity Street. 
Can the multi-use path be installed on 121 Avenue instead of 123 Avenue?The Strategic Transportation Plan identifies 121 Avenue as a cycling route and this street will include future cycling improvements that are separate from the planned work on 123 Avenue. 
Will the traffic button be removed?The traffic button was a temporary measure and will be removed as part of the project
Will the traffic button be replaced by a stop sign?Stop sign locations are chosen based on specific criteria outlined by the Transportation Association of Canada. The installation of additional stop signs on 123 Avenue does not meet these Transportation Association of Canada requirements. However, a stop sign will be provided for motorists exiting Creston Street.
Were speed humps considered as part of the design?Speed humps were considered but were not supported due to the Collector Road classification of this roadway. In addition, emergency service providers and TransLink did not support the installation of speed humps on this roadway.
Will bus stops be affected?Bus stops may be affected during construction. The City will coordinate with TransLink to ensure adequate access to bus stops.
Will a crosswalk be installed at Laity Street and 214 Avenue?The design team will assess whether additional sidewalks and crosswalks are warranted per the Transportation Association of Canada guidelines. This assessment will review potential locations for the installation of crosswalks within the project area, including 214 Avenue. 
How will this project address driveway and basement flooding issues that have occurred in this neighbourhood?The City understands the flood risk related to existing reverse graded driveways. The design for this project will implement measures to reduce the risk of road drainage migrating to private properties.
How many driveway letdowns am I allowed?According to the City of Maple Ridge Design Criteria Manual, residents are permitted only one driveway letdown per residence. 
What is the standard width of a driveway letdown?According to the City of Maple Ridge Design Criteria Manual, the maximum width of a residential driveway letdown is 6 m.
Will rollover curbs be installed along the frontage of properties?Rollover curbs will not be installed along the frontage of properties. Residents can access their driveway using their driveway letdown.
Can I park in my front yard?Residents are provided vehicular access to their properties via driveway letdowns. Pedestrians anticipate vehicles accessing properties at the driveway letdown. Allowing vehicles to access properties anywhere along the roadway could create challenges for road users.
What will happen to the grass boulevard fronting my property?In some locations, the multi-use path may be installed up to the property line. Grass will be reinstated in the boulevard fronting properties where necessary. 
When the new sanitary sewers are under construction, will I still be able to flush my toilet?Yes. General practice is to install the new sewer mains first and connect properties to the new mains after completion.
I’ve been informed a tree on my property is being removed. Will the City provide a replacement tree?The City of Maple Ridge will retain as many trees as possible. Where a mature tree in good health cannot be saved, the City will consider a replacement tree on a case-by-case basis. The type of tree must be approved by the City Arborist.
How will I know the design has been completed?The project webpage will be updated periodically as the project progresses. Check back often.
How will I know when construction will start?

The project webpage will be updated periodically as the project progresses. Check back often.

Construction notices will be distributed by the contractor prior to construction starting.

Open House

An open house was held on November 16, 2022 from 4 to 8 pm. City staff and the design consultants presented the proposed design and were available to answer questions. View the presentation boards from the open house.

Past Open Houses

Open houses have been held in the past for the section of 123 Avenue between 203 Street and Laity Street. You can view the information presented at those open houses below. Please note, the section of 123 Avenue between 203 Street and Laity Street is not part of the current project scope, but is included here for information.

Open House March 9, 2016
Open House March 10, 2016
Open House August 1, 2017 (1 of 2)
Open House August 1, 2017 (2 of 2)


For more information, please call the project manager, Jason Bomans, at 604-467-7349 or jbomans@mapleridge.ca.