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Over the past two decades, Maple Ridge has been one of the fastest growing and more desirable community in the Metro Vancouver region.  The family-oriented community is located just 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver and offers easy access to an incredible range of outdoor recreational activities, a diverse local economy and some of the more affordable real estate in Vancouver.

Maple Ridge is an emerging manufacturing hub within Metro Vancouver offering a great value proposition, especially for smaller manufacturers and new entrepreneurs.  Lower business costs, the strength of the local workforce and the ability to hire locally are real competitive advantages for businesses.

With its exceptional location, active outdoor lifestyle and affordability, Maple Ridge is exceptionally well positioned to attract new businesses and people who want to work and live in the same place.

Why manufacturing?

Manufacturing is a dynamic core of the Maple Ridge Economy.

#1 Export sector - $1B/year, 3x next largest sector, 1/3 total exports.

#8 Average sector wages

#1 Job Growth of Top 10 industries last ten years

#1 Total sector sales by 250% over the next highest sector

#2 Highest total sector wages.