Port Haney Land Use Policy Review

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The Port Haney area (see map) is a precinct within the Town Centre Area Plan (TCAP) boundary and is subject to the TCAP’s land use policies. At the February 8, 2022, Council Workshop, Council directed staff to take a closer look at the TCAP policies applicable to the Port Haney area as the area is subject to lower density policies than other areas in the Town Centre.  To read the February 8, 2022 report, click HERE The Port Haney Land Use Policy Review process will examine current permitted uses and explore an increase in maximum building height, while maintaining and enhancing desirable features for the area.  Staff will be collecting feedback from residents throughout the spring and summer of 2022. 

What is the Port Haney Area?

Port Haney Land Use Designations Opens in new windowIn 2008, the Town Centre Area Plan (TCAP) was adopted into the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the area that roughly encompasses the properties from 117 Avenue to the Fraser River and between 224 Street and the Haney Bypass, was identified as the Port Haney Area  (click to enlarge map of the OCP land use designation). 

Port Haney area boasts unique historic and natural features, while also being within walking distance to the Town Centre Central Business District, which is slated for the highest commercial and residential densities in Maple Ridge and contains the Haney Place Transit Hub for the R-3 Rapid Bus (travelling directly to and from the Coquitlam SkyTrain Station) and other local bus routes. Additionally, the West Coast Express station, located on the southwest edge of Port Haney, is a short walk within this neighbourhood. Port Haney’s location and unique local features make it an important neighbourhood within the Town Centre Area Plan.

Why is the City doing This?

The Town Centre Area Plan land use policies, for the Port Haney Area, allow a range of uses, including triplex, fourplex, low-rise apartment, commercial, and mixed uses (which allows for commercial and apartment in the same building). Currently, policy requires a minimum height of three storeys and a maximum building height of four storeys. 

However, in 2009, BC Building Code changed to permit six storey wood frame buildings and several recent development applications have been proposing this height in the Port Haney area. This prompted a review of the areas land use policies. 

What might change? 

Port Haney Neighbourhood Opens in new windowAs Land Use in the Port Haney neighbourhood is primarily regulated through the Town Centre Area Plan, the Town Centre Development Permit Area Guidelines, and the Zoning Bylaw, possible review outcomes may involve recommendations to amend one or more of these documents. The Port Haney research and review will identify opportunities and constraints within the neighbourhood (click map to enlarge image of the Port Haney neighbourhood).

Potential policy changes could include: 

  • Permitting apartment buildings up to 6 storeys in height; 
  • Requiring commercial uses to be included in all new development in the Port Haney area; 
  • Removing zones that do not have a commercial use component from the TCAP’s zoning matrix;
  • Enhancing the form and character guidelines to better reflect the history and historic character of the Port Haney Area.

What is the process?

It is anticipated the review will commence in the spring of 2022 and conclude in the summer of 2022 with an outcomes and recommendation report to Council discussing any necessary policy or zone amendments.  

Want to get involved?

Your feedback and input is valuable. Your feedback will helps us understand what it is about the Port Haney area that is important to you and your feedback will form part of the report to Council.  There are 2 ways you can get involved and share your feedback: 

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The survey is closed. Thank  you for participating!  The survey was open from May 31 to Sunday, June 26, 2022 (at midnight).

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Provide feedback by phone or email! Contact the Planning Department at planning@mapleridge.ca or call 604-467-7341.  

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Self-Guided Walking Tour! The tour route has 6 stops and is paired with reflective questions to encourage exploration of the Port Haney area. You can answer the questions online by clicking HERE or you can download and print the worksheet by clicking HERE and return the worksheet to City Hall.

Self-Guided Walking Tour - Map Only

Stop #1 -Corner of 224th & 117th

Stop #2 -Regency Place

Stop #3 -Beckett Park

Stop #4 -Corner of St. Anne and 223rd

Stop #5 -Callaghan Street

Stop #6 -Haney House

Have questions?

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Port Haney Land Use Policy Review, please email the Planning Department at planning@mapleridge.ca or call 604-467-7341.

 Want to stay in touch?

If you’d like to join the email list for project updates, please click HERE.  We won’t use your email for any other purposes and you can opt out anytime!

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What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

An Official Community Plan outlines the long-term vision for a municipOCP Cover Pageality, such as Maple Ridge. An OCP applies to the entire municipality and is the primary policy document that Council uses to make decisions on matters such as Land use, Growth management, Transportation and Mobility, and Infrastructure. As one of the City's most significant guiding policy documents, all other municipal bylaws and works undertaken by the City must be consistent with the Plan. The OCP is intended to provide a degree of certainty for the future of our community. As a result, it's expected that revisions will not be made on a frequent basis, however changes are warranted from time to time. Like the community, the Plan must be flexible in responding to changing conditions and values. The Official Community Plan for Maple Ridge can be found HERE