Economic Development Strategy

Make it here

The City of Maple Ridge has created an Economic Development Strategy that will guide efforts to attract new investment and support and grow existing businesses.

The City of Maple Ridge is a BOLD future IN THE MAKING...

In manufacturing and technology-driven industries that will lead our economic progress and local employment generation.

In crafting of amenity, placemaking, and gigabit broadband solutions that attract independent entrepreneurs, creative industries and workforce.

In paths forward that deepen interaction with nature at the heart of our distinguishing lifestyle.

In growing farm-to-table living, commerce and tourism opportunities.

In forging of new caring--at-the-core solutions that nurture a safe, clean and inclusive community.

In re-energizing of a mixed-use Town Centre at the soul of us.

In imagination redefined in offering of innovative, market driven, local post-secondary education opportunities.

And, in the middle ground we bridged to create commerce space and program solutions that unleash entrepreneurial spirit at all ages, and novel housing solutions that maintain our Top 5 affordability in Metro Vancouver.

Bold Future

We embrace the spirit of creators, innovators and solution seekers in our steps forward.

Maple Ridge - MAKE IT HERE