Committees of Council

The Mayor and Council are appointed to serve as Directors, Liaisons or Delegates to a number of agencies representing different levels of government, committees of Council and external community groups. Information pertaining to the guidelines for appointments and the roles and responsibilities of appointees can be found in Council Policy 3.10.

Committee and Commission Appointments

Standing Committees

Standing committees are established by the Mayor for matters considered best dealt with by the committee. At least half the members of a standing committee must be Council members.

The Audit and Finance Committee reviews the financial statement and report, ensures that appropriate systems of internal control are implemented and that the information in the City's annual report is accurate, complete and fairly presents the financial position.

2023 Committee Members

  • Mayor Ruimy
  • Councillor Tan
  • Councillor Carreras 

Select Committees / Commissions

Select committees and commissions are established by the Council to consider or inquire into any matter and to report its findings and opinions to Council. At least one member of a select committee or commission must be a Council member.

The Agricultural Advisory Committee mandate is the continued support of agriculture as a land use and economic activity within the community.

2023 Committee Members

  • Councillor Yousef
  • Councillor Dueck (Alternate) 

Statutory Committees

The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel is established pursuant to Section 204 of the Community Charter. It was formerly known as the Court of Revision or Frontage Tax.
2023 Committee Members

  • TBA

Outside Agency Appointments

Members of the Council serve as a link between community organizations and the City.

The Alouette River Management Society is involved in almost all aspects of watershed stewardship, including education, inventory and monitoring, habitat restoration and lobbying for the protection of aquatic habitat. They are extremely active in the community and often attend private properties in order to assist landowners with the implementation of sound stewardship practices on their land.

 2023 Council Delegate Appointments

  • TBA

Regional Government Boards and Committee Appointments

Members of Council represent Maple Ridge on these regional government boards and committees.

The Fraser Valley Regional Library provides governance of the Fraser Valley Regional Library system.

 2023 Appointments

  • TBA

Metro Vancouver Standing Committees

The Metro Vancouver Mayors Committee is the standing committee of the Metro Vancouver Board that provides advice and recommendations on issues related to the governance and operations of the GVRD, MVHC, GVSDD and GVWD.

  • Director: TBA