Heritage Conservation

The City of Maple Ridge has a rich and diverse history and heritage conservation is an important part of sharing this history and enhancing community identity. 

Heritage not only includes built heritage sites such as monuments and historic buildings, but also cultural traditions, practices and values. These intangible cultural heritage assets are represented in a multitude of ways from traditional storytelling, place making, and performing arts, to social practices and events. 

The Official Community Plan (OCP) outlines policies for heritage that play a key role in the development of complete and sustainable communities. Heritage policies for specific communities are also addressed within Area Plans. 

Voluntary Municipal Heritage Designation Program

The purpose of designation is to protect a heritage building from unsympathetic alterations and demolition. The process to designate a property as heritage is: 

  1. Contact the Planning Department at planning@mapleridge.ca or 604-467-7341
  2. The property owner(s) complete a Request for Heritage Designation and Waiver of Compensation form*
  3. A Statement of Significance is prepared (reasons why the property is considered to have heritage value or character)
  4. Staff brings the Heritage Designation Bylaw forward for Council Consideration
  5. A Heritage Designation Bylaw requires 4 readings of Council and a Public Hearing. 

Should the Heritage Designation Bylaw be adopted, some changes to the exterior of a designated building may require a Heritage Alteration Permit. Owner(s) are required to complete a Heritage Alteration Permit Application form.

Benefits of Heritage Designation

  • The property is eligible for municipal tax exemptions (requires Council approval)
  • The property is eligible for provincial grants, such as the Heritage BC Legacy Fund
  • Properties are eligible for special provisions in the B.C. Building Code and the Homeowner Protection Act

To see the list of properties that are protected in Maple Ridge, visit: https://www.mapleridge.ca/817 

Heritage Register 

A community heritage register is an official listing of properties identified by a local government as having heritage value or heritage character. Inclusion on a community heritage register does not constitute heritage designation or any other form of permanent heritage protection, unless there is a heritage designating bylaw associated with the property. 

To view and learn more about the Heritage Register and the process to add your property to the Heritage Register, click HERE.

Heritage Inventory

Maple Ridge has many properties and neighbourhoods that have unique historical roots. Listing a property, natural feature, landscape, etc. on the Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge (aka Heritage Inventory) does not provide any legal protection for the heritage resource. However, the Heritage Inventory does provide a valuable planning tool that helps identify candidates for more formal listings, protection, or recognition.

Explore the past, present and future with our Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge App or with the document Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge

Heritage Plan Review & Update

The Community Heritage Commission has recently reviewed and updated the City of Maple Ridge’s Heritage Plan. To learn more about the new Heritage Plan and the process to update the plan, please visit: https://www.mapleridge.ca/2582/Heritage-Plan-Review-and-Update 

Heritage Procedures Bylaw

Heritage Procedures Bylaw No. 6951-2012 (PDF) establishes application procedures for heritage conservation bylaws, permits, agreements, and the community heritage register. 

Heritage Maintenance Standards Bylaw

Heritage Maintenance Standards Bylaw No. 6710-2009 (PDF) establishes minimum requirements for the care and maintenance of designated heritage properties. Heritage maintenance standards are intended to :

  • Communicate the minimum expectations regarding the maintenance of a legally protected heritage property;
  • Ensure that designated heritage sites are maintained and do not deteriorate through neglect.

A Heritage Maintenance Standards Bylaw is permitted through the BC Local Government Act S.616. A Local Government Heritage Designation is permitted through Local Government Act S. 611, 612, and 613. For more information on heritage conservation legislation enabled through the Local Government Act, please see "Heritage Conservation: A Community Guide" through this link to the BC Heritage Branch Heritage Conservation: A Community Guide.  


If you have questions or are looking for more information, please contact heritage@mapleridge.ca or 604-467-7341.

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