Fireworks in Maple Ridge

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The City of Maple Ridge, like most communities in Metro Vancouver, prohibits the sale or explosion of fireworks year round. This page is intended to provide you with information to help you be a good neighbour.

Fireworks continue to be a risk to personal injury and a fire hazard in our community. As recently as 2013, the Maple Ridge Fire Department attended a house fire that was started when a group of teens exploded fireworks in the backyard of the home. The fire subsequently spread to another home and both were destroyed. Fireworks are not harmless fun.

In addition to the risk of personal injury and fires for humans, the setting off of fireworks is very traumatizing for animals. Here’s a link to the BC SPCA website so you can get information from the experts.

The setting off of fireworks randomly throughout the year and around certain holidays can impact the health and wellbeing of our furry friends, both domestic and wild.


The Bylaw

The Maple Ridge Fireworks By-law No. 6279 – 2004 can be found here.

Here’s the key information from this Bylaw:

  1. No person may offer for sale, sell, give or trade firecrackers or other fireworks of every nature or kind in the District of Maple Ridge.
  2. No person may throw, propel, eject, light, fire, explode, set off, discharge or possess firecrackers or other fireworks of every nature or kind in the District of Maple Ridge unless that person holds a valid permit as issued under this bylaw.
  3. Every person who possesses or discharges fireworks contrary to the provisions of this bylaw commits an offence and shall when directed to do so, surrender all fireworks in their immediate possession to a Peace Officer who shall be authorized to search and seize and hold all such firecrackers or fireworks in the interest of public safety and as evidence of the commission of the offence.

Legal Fireworks Displays

The City of Maple Ridge allows for special fireworks displays, however the organizer needs to obtain a permit and the permission of the Maple Ridge Fire Department. There are very strict protocols around these displays and the organizer will be expected to develop a detailed safety plan in conjunction with the Fire Chief and their team.

The City of Maple Ridge organizes an annual fireworks display associated with the annual ‘Celebrate the Night Festival.’ This event, which occurs around Halloween, provides a safe and well organized place for you and your family to enjoy a professional fireworks display. Look for details on this event, and all the associated parts of the festival, in October.

To obtain a fireworks permit please contact:

Maple Ridge Fire Department
22708 Brown Avenue
Maple Ridge, BC V2X9A2
Phone: 604-463-5880

Reporting a Violation

You can report the sale or explosion of fireworks to Maple Ridge Fire Department at 604-463-5880.

To report non-emergency issues please contact:
Maple Ridge Fire Department non-emergency line at 604-463-5880
Ridge Meadows RCMP non-emergency line at 604-463-6251
The Maple Ridge Licenses & Bylaws Department at 604-467-7305

If it is an emergency situation please dial 9-1-1

Possible Fines

Here are some of the fines associated with the Maple Ridge Fireworks By-law No. 6279 – 2004

  • Selling fireworks - $1,000
  • Discharge of fireworks without permit - $500
  • Igniting a fireworks display without permit - $500
  • Fail to surrender fireworks - $500
  • Sell fireworks to minor - $500
  • Possession of fireworks by a minor - $500