ICF Smart 21 Conference

smart 21_spotlight

What is ICF?

The intelligent Community Forum (ICF) is a global network of cities and regions with a think tank at its center with a mission to help communities in the digital age find a new path to economic development and community growth -- one that creates inclusive prosperity, tackles social challenges and enriches quality of life.

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What is Smart 21?

The Smart 21 announcement is the first stage in ICF's annual Intelligent Community Awards cycle.  ICF selects 21 finalists with the potential to become one of the Forum's Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year.  Gaining a place among the Smart21 is considered a badge of honour as well as the first step to greater recognition as an Intelligent Community positioned to prosper in the broadband economy.

ICF considers an Intelligent Community to be one that engages local universities and technical schools, entrepreneurs, and established businesses as partners in planning and carrying out innovative projects.

Why should I attend?

Those attending the virtual conference will have the opportunity to learn from thought-leaders, advocates and catalysts of innovation and change from around the world.  Attendees can also take advantage of networking opportunities with technology executives, non-profit leaders, social entrepreneurs, provincial and national governments.

Why is the City of Maple Ridge Hosting?

ICF provides communities with a platform for attracting international attention, stimulating investment attraction, and with the intent in building public support for progress.  ICF's multifaceted conferences are designed to showcase a city or region and attract delegates regionally, nationally and internationally.  The City of Maple Ridge has made application to ICF to be considered amongst the Smart21 to be announced at this event.