Housing Needs Report

The City of Maple Ridge completed a housing needs assessment to better understand our current and future housing needs. The Housing Needs Report will be used as a foundation for planning and decision-making for the next five years.

The Final Housing Needs Report was presented at the February 9, 2021 Council Workshop. Please find the report here (Item 4.2). The conversation with Council was recorded and is available here.  

Summary Video

Project findings are summarized in a short video:

Why did we do this?

The primary purpose of this process was to identify and describe the key needs and gaps in Maple Ridge’s housing system to inform future policymaking. A Housing Needs Report is intended to strengthen the ability of local governments to understand what kinds of housing are most needed in their communities, and help inform local plans, policies, and development decisions. The assessment process and report itself will not result in specific new policy but will be used to support and inform future changes (to Official Community Plans, Housing Action Plans, Zoning Bylaws, and others).

As of 2019, every local government in BC is legislatively required to undertake a housing needs assessment by April 2022, and every five years thereafter. You can find detailed information about this legislation and the report requirements on the provincial government’s 

This work was led by CitySpaces Consulting on behalf of Maple Ridge, with key involvement of city staff and the public.

What was the process?

This assessment process took place over four months, with a final presentation to council in February 2021. The key stages of the project are outlined below.

HNA Process -small

The primary objectives of the housing needs assessment were to prepare a report that would

  • Assess the local housing market conditions
  • Identify the current and emerging housing needs within the City
  • Compare housing supply with housing demand to determine the ability to meet future needs
  • Identify short, medium, and long-term actions to meet the housing needs across the housing continuum in the City
  • Meet the provincial requirements for Housing Needs Reports
The Final Housing Needs Report was presented at the February 9, 2021 Council Workshop. Please find the report here (Item 4.2). The conversation with Council will be recorded and is available during and after the Council Workshop meeting here.  

Looking for More Information?

Please feel free to contact the Planning Department by email, housing@mapleridge.ca or by phone at 604-463-5221, Ext 5566 with questions or comments on Housing Initiatives. 

Document Links

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