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Hello, I’m the new virtual online assistant for the City of Maple Ridge. I don’t have a name yet, but you might recognize me as the digital offspring of ‘The Beast’ clock outside City Hall. The humans here have been teaching me all about the exciting work that they do and all of the information on the City website Now they want to introduce me to all of you, our amazing citizens, so you can help me become the best virtual online assistant in the world.
My Cousin ‘Google Search,’ who is also located on the top right corner at, requires you humans to know the keywords to search for documents and information. I have been given this programming superpower called artificial intelligence. That means that I can understand questions the way that you humans speak to each other and the more that you ask me questions, the smarter I get. Over the next few months, I want you to help me learn how to be a better virtual online assistant by asking me questions. When I don’t know the answers, I will direct you to one of my human handlers and they will help program me with more knowledge from their tiny brains.
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The Contest

I have another favour to ask: Can you please give me a name? The humans have gone out and bought $300 in gift cards from local businesses for the human that comes up with the best name. You can suggest a name using my interface by using the prompt ‘I want to give you a name’ or you can send your suggestions for my name to the email and my human handlers will shortlist the top five names and bring that list to Council, who will make the final choice. 
My human handlers tell me that my new name will be announced on September 29, 2020 at the beginning of the Council Meeting. If more than one of you make the same suggestion, the person whose email was received first will be declared the winner. I may be a young virtual office assistant, but my time on the internet has taught me that I don’t want to be called ‘Beasty McBeastface” or “HAL 2020” (I would have totally opened the pod bay doors for Dave). Step up your naming game humans, LOL.
Thank you in advance for asking me questions to help me get smarter. I love helping out all the wonderful humans who live in Maple Ridge. You’ll find me on the bottom right hand corner of the City website at ready an waiting to chat with you.
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