Commercial & Industrial Strategy

Between 2011 and 2014, the City was engaged in the development of a Commercial & Industrial Strategy. The Strategy is a road map to help the City navigate the industrial and commercial landscape, positioning the City of future growth and prosperity. The Strategy is an important component of Maple Ridge’s long-term planning in the context of shifting regional economic conditions.

At the time of endorsement in 2014, the Strategy’s key messages were:

  • Maple Ridge is well positioned in the region for future employment opportunities.
  • There is sufficient land area in the Town Centre for the projected future office space demands.
  • Maple Ridge will require between 69-93 hectares (170-230 acres) of additional industrial lands by 2040.
  • There is a significant amount of under-utilized or vacant lands designated for employment uses throughout the City.
  • Overall, the most beneficial approach to attracting and retaining businesses within the community is to focus on sectors that are likely to see significant growth and sectors that are not dependent on population growth. These could include business services, manufacturing, information and culture, tourism and new educational facilities.
  • The designated commercial lands supply is sufficient to meet future demand. Retention of commercially designated lands in the Town Centre and Silver Valley are important elements of the future commercial land supply, along with the maximization of the City’s existing employment lands.

The Strategy recognized the inherent challenge of identifying industrial land that is suitable (in terms of OCP direction) and viable (in terms of development) in the medium to long-term in an already competitive region. Further, the Strategy also identified that Maple Ridge currently has vacant and/or underutilized lands that may be suitable for industrial redevelopment in the short term. Various long-term directions were offered in the Strategy as ways to meet future demand. However, in the interim it was emphasized that the City should begin planning for the anticipated long-term growth now so it can best accommodate demand for industrial lands whenever it occurs.

At the October 5, 2015 Council Workshop meeting, Council endorsed the Strategy’s Implementation Plan Matrix. Council identified a prioritization schedule using the Strategy’s recommendations organized into the four following time horizons:

  • Immediate Term - 2015 and 2016
  • Short Term - 2016 to 2018
  • Medium Term - 2018-2028
  • Long Term - beyond 2028

A key immediate term recommendation was the facilitation and creation of new industrial land in the City - along with increasing the employment density of our current employment lands - at key locations identified in the Strategy. Another key message from the Consultant was that the City should continue to identify potential lands, and this has been ongoing.

At the May 12, 2020, Council Workshop, staff provided an update on the commercial lands in Maple Ridge. This report is available HERE and the presentation is able to be view HERE.

At the September 8, 2020, Council Workshop staff provided an update on the industrial lands in Maple Ridge. This report is available HERE and the presentation is able to be viewed HERE

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