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Quarter 3 (Jul 1 - Sep 30) 2019 Utility Notices

Updated Nov 8, 2019

The quarter 3 Metered Water Notices have been mailed out and cover July, August and September (quarter 3). Please be sure to have them paid by December 6, 2019.

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Farm Status Application Deadline is October 31, 2019

Updated October 16, 2019

October 31, 2019 is the deadline to submit new applications to claim farm status for your property (in whole or part). For more information and to submit your application, please go to BC Assessment.

Happy Farming!

Forgot to Claim Your Home Owner Grant? It’s not too late!

Updated October 4, 2019

If you forgot to claim your Home Owner Grant this year or last, it is not too late. You have until December 31 2019 to make the claim. You can still claim the 2019 Home Owner Grant On-line or by email or submit the application to City Hall. 

The 2018 Home Owner Grant you will need to fill out a Retro Home Owner Grant Application and submit it by email or into City Hall for processing.

Commercial Vehicle Licensing Ending

Updated October 2, 2019

The Commercial Vehicle Licensing program will end as of December 31 2019; for more information please see

Annual Tax Sale

Updated September 12, 2019

Tax Sale will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall, 11995 Haney Place on September 30, 2019 at 10:00 am.

Reminder: September 3, 2019 is Last Day before the Second 5% Penalty is Added to Property Taxes

Updated August 30, 2019

Please remember to pay your property taxes and claim your Home Owner grant on or before September 3, 2019 to avoid an additional 5% penalty added to property taxes.

Statement of Outstanding Taxes Mailed Out

Updated August 6, 2019

Property tax reminder notices have been mailed out. If you have not claimed your Home Owner Grant yet, you can still claim electronically or by filling out the application attached to the reminder notice and submitting it to our office. The second penalty is midnight September 3, 2019 

Utility Notices for (April 01 to June 30) Mailed Out

Updated August 6, 2019

The Metered Water Invoices have been mailed and emailed out (if you signed up for this feature). The invoices are due September 3, 2019.

Reminder: 2019 Property Taxes due July 2, 2019 

Updated June 30, 2019

Please remember to pay your property taxes and claim your home owner grant by July 2, 2019 this year. Any outstanding balance at midnight on July 2, 2019 is subject to a 5% penalty. Please note, home owner grants must be claimed on time or it will also be subject to penalties.

2019 Property Tax Notices Mailed Out

Updated June 3, 2019

The 2019 property tax notices have been mailed and emailed out (if you signed up for this feature). Taxes are due July 2 2019.

Property Information Portal

Updated May 16, 2019

We are pleased to announce, the new Property Information Portal is available on our website. It is information about Maple Ridge property taxes at your finger tips. Property Information Portal

MyCity Account has a New Interface

Updated May 16, 2019

We are proud to announce, the MyCity application has been upgraded. It has more detailed account information and a new interface. Please login to check it out.

2019 Tax Rate Updated

Updated May 16, 2019

The 2019 Tax Rate has been approved by council and the levy for the taxes has been run.

Quarter 1 (Jan 1 - Mar 30) 2019 Utility Notices

Updated May 5, 2019

The Metered Water Notices have been mailed out. The invoices are due June 3, 2019.

2019 Property Tax Estimator  

Updated March 5, 2019

Do you want to know what your Property Taxes will be this year?
Estimate your 2019 Property Taxes due July 2, 2019.

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BC Speculation and Vacancy Tax

Updated January 15, 2019

The Provincial Speculation and Vacancy Tax is part of the BC Government’s affording housing plan. All owners of residential property in Maple Ridge must complete an annual declaration by March 31 2019, either by phone or online. The information you need will be mailed by mid-February; if you haven’t received one by late February, please contact the Province.

For information about the tax and the process, please contact:
Toll Free: 1 (833) 554-2323
(Outside North America) Office: 1 (604) 660-2421

BC Additional School Tax on High-Valued Properties

Updated January 2, 2019

The Provincial Additional School Tax starts in 2019 and applies to most high-valued residential properties in the province, including:

  • Detached homes
  • Stratified condominium or townhouse units
  • Most vacant land

The additional school tax does not apply to non-stratified rental buildings with four or more housing units.

For mixed-use properties, only the residential portion of the property’s assessed value above $3 million will be taxable.

The additional tax rate is:

  • 0.2% on the residential portion assessed between $3 million and $4 million
  • 0.4% tax rate on the residential portion assessed over $4 million

BC Assessment determines if additional school tax applies. If you believe your property should be exempt from additional school tax, contact BC Assessment to discuss your concerns.

For more information please contact:
Toll Free: 1 888 355-2700

BC Assessment Notices

Updated January 2, 2019

All BC Assessment Notices have been mailed out in Maple Ridge. The information is also available online on the BC Assessment Authority Website using the e-value application.  The 2019 assessment values are based on the value of the property as of July 1, 2018. January 31, 2019 is the deadline to appeal your 2019 Property Assessment.

For information about your property assessment please contact:
Toll Free: 1-800-393-1332

Your Property Value Change and Property Taxes Video

Updated January 2, 2019

An increase in your assessment does not necessarily mean an increase in your property taxes. Property tax changes are generally impacted by your assessment’s change relative to your community’s average assessment change.

The video below from BC Assessment explains what could happen to your property taxes if your assessment is lower, higher or similar to the average change for your property class.