Abernethy Way Corridor Improvements (210 Street to 256 Street)


The City’s Strategic Transportation Plan identifies the City's highest traffic volumes are carried by three east-west corridors: Lougheed Highway, Dewdney Trunk Road and Abernethy Way. The Strategic Transportation Plan recommends improvements to the Abernethy Way corridor in four phases:

Phase 1:  Widening Abernethy Way from 210 Street to 224 Street
Phase 2:  Widening Abernethy Way from 224 Street to 232 Street
Phase 3:  Extend Abernethy Way east from 232 Street to 240 Street
Phase 4:  Extend Abernethy Way east from 240 Street to 256 Street

Phase 1

The widening of Abernethy Way between 210 Street and 224 Street was completed in 2017.

Phase 2

This phase has been divided into two sections. 

Phase 2A was the widening of Abernethy Way between 230 Street and 232 Street. This section is complete.

Phase 2B is the widening of Abernethy Way between 224 Street and 230 Street. Construction will begin on this section the week of March 4, 2024.

Phase 3

This phase is currently in the design stage with construction planned for 2025.

The new roadway will follow the east-west alignment of 124 Avenue. A diagonal s-curve will move the alignment to the southeast, connecting to 240 Street to the south of Hacker’s Haven Par 3, as shown in Figure 1. Phase 3 was approved by Council at the November 26, 2019 Workshop meeting. 

Phase 4

Based on employment and population projections identified in the Abernethy Way Extension Study, the delivery timeframe for Phase 4 is 20+ years. The general alignment will utilize 124 Avenue. Phase 4 was approved by Council on November 24, 2020.