Manage your Contact Information - Taxes or Utilities

Change your Mailing Address on the Tax Notice

  • City of Maple Ridge can not change it. It must be changed through BC Assessment
  • Fill out the on-line form and submit it directly, or there is a printable form that you can mail to them
  • The Area is 15 and the Jurisdiction is 312 for all properties in Maple Ridge
  • The roll number is the folio number on your Property Tax Notice

Change of Address Opens in new windowOnline:
Printable Form: 

Change your Name on the Tax Notice

  • Changing your name - City of Maple Ridge can not change the name on the Tax Notice. It must be changed through the Land Title Survey Authority. You may need to use a lawyer or notary public to submit the documentation to land titles.
  • Title transfer - usually at least a 6 week delay or more in the transfer of title of a property as Land titles processes the change and updates our system
  • Name displayed is incorrectly spelled - you can contact the notary public or lawyer, you used in the sale of the property or directly contact Land Titles Survey Authority:  or 604-630-9630

Add a Tenant/Property Manager or Change of Address for the Metered Water Utility Notice

  • City of Maple Ridge can update this information
  • The form must be submitted at least 30 days before the invoicing for the changes to be updated for the next billing
  • Metered Water Address Change/Add a Tenant Form 
  • Submit the completed form in person to City Hall or by email to
  • Adding a Tenant is to ease administration for the home owner, it does not transfer responsibility
  • If penalties are added to an account, next quarter billing both the owner and the tenant will be invoiced to notify the owner of the penalties