Permit Inspections

Inspections carried out by Building Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors and Gas / Plumbing Inspectors are required during various phases of a project. It is up to the permit holder to arrange for inspections via the inspection request line. Please note that inspections cannot be booked via email.

Required Information

All inspection requests, including those left on our inspection request phone line, must provide the following information:
  • correct permit number for each type of permit (i.e., building, electrical, gas, sprinkler and plumbing)
  • type of inspection requested
  • correct street address of the property to be inspected, for each type of permit
We regret to inform you that no inspections will be registered and no inspections will take place if the above information is not provided.

Permit Conditions

Every permit is issued upon the condition that:
  • construction is to be started within six months from the date of issuance
  • construction is not to be discontinued or suspended for a period of more than six months
  • the permit is no longer valid if the first two conditions above are violated
  • the exterior of the building is completed within six months of the date of commencement of construction
  • an occupancy permit is required prior to moving people or contents into the building
  • If all your Inspectors approve provisional occupancy, a provisional occupancy permit may be issued for a limited period of time. Permit fees and security are required for this
  • occupancy of a building without first obtaining an occupancy or provisional occupancy permit may result in penalties as stated in the Maple Ridge Building Bylaw
  • for any inspections to be conducted, the permit package, all prior inspection slips and engineering reports must be on site for all inspections including plumbing, gas, sprinkler, electrical and building
  • for renovations or additions or where contents have been installed in a dwelling, a person of the age of majority must be present while inspections are being conducted
  • all pets must be secured prior to Inspectors attending site
  • the permit card must be posted as soon as construction commences. This card must be posted in such a position as to be clearly visible from the street at all times and protected from weathering