Commercial Business Licence

  • you must know the legal address of the building you want to purchase or lease before you fill out the Commercial Business Licence Application (PDF)
  • before you sign a lease or purchase property, you may wish to check with the Planning and Licences & Bylaws departments at City Hall to make sure you may occupy the premises for the type of business for which you are applying
  • there are different requirements under the Zoning Bylaw (PDF) and Building Bylaw (PDF) for uses such as retail, office, restaurant, manufacturing, beauty salon, etc.
  • each space in a building has its own specific approved use. The use of that space cannot be changed without approval and/or permits
  • the licensee must hold current operating approval from applicable regulatory bodies
  • submit a completed Commercial Business Licence Application to the Licences & Bylaws Department along with a minimum payment of $110.00
  • inspections may be required for your type of business. Our Coordinator - Licences & Permits will advise you what inspections, if any, are required. For more detailed information on the inspection / approval process, please review our Commercial Business Licence Application Process Guide (PDF)
For direct assistance and guidance through the licensing and potential permitting process you may contact our Coordinator - Licences & Permits by email or phone at 604-467-7378.