​Did You Know 

Our Summers Can Be Long and Dry?

  • It rains a lot in metro Vancouver; however, there is typically little precipitation during the summer months - just when the demand for water is the highest.
  • Conserving water helps to ensure that water stored in local reservoirs is sufficient to meet regional demands during the summer and early fall.
  • For more information on reservoir levels, visit Metro Vancouver's Reservoir Levels website.

The City of Maple Ridge Has Taken Several Actions to Conserve Water:

  • Having installed low-flow shower heads, motion-detection sink faucets, low-flow urinals and high-efficiency toilets in City-owned buildings such as Municipal Hall, Leisure Centre, Randy Herman Building and Fire Halls.
  • Only flushing watermains between October and May to limit water use during peak summertime demand periods.
  • Parks & Facilities installed a centralized irrigation system in 2013 that makes it practical to save water by modifying field and streetscape watering schedules in response to rainfall events.
  • Offering a $50 utility tax credit to homeowners who replace their older toilet with new low-flow toilet.