​Did You Know 

Our Summers Can Be Long and Dry?

  • It rains a lot in metro Vancouver; however, there is typically little precipitation during the summer months - just when the demand for water is the highest.
  • Conserving water helps to ensure that water stored in local reservoirs is sufficient to meet regional demands during the summer and early fall.
  • For more information on reservoir levels, visit Metro Vancouver's Reservoir Levels website.

The City of Maple Ridge Has Taken Several Actions to Conserve Water:

  • Having installed low-flow shower heads, motion-detection sink faucets, low-flow urinals and high-efficiency toilets in City-owned buildings such as Municipal Hall, Leisure Centre, Randy Herman Building and Fire Halls.
  • Only flushing watermains between October and May to limit water use during peak summertime demand periods.
  • Parks & Facilities installed a centralized irrigation system in 2013 that makes it practical to save water by modifying field and streetscape watering schedules in response to rainfall events.
  • Offering a $50 utility tax credit to homeowners who replace their older toilet with new low-flow toilet. Water meters allow for the effective detection of leaky plumbing as well as an opportunity for users to control their utility billing through water conservation. The City’s Water Service Bylaw (PDF) requires that water services to the following uses shall be metered:
    • all non-residential uses
    • residential uses requiring large service connections
    • all properties with in-ground pools or in-ground sprinkler systems; and
    • all properties greater than 0.4 hectares in area