Tree Bylaw Survey for Permitting Process

With the assistance of the following tree bylaw survey, the City would like to hear back from the permit applicants to determine whether additional changes are warranted to the Tree Protection and Management Bylaw.

Based on feedback from the previous consultation processes, the current Tree Bylaw was intended to assist community stakeholders with the following issues, opportunities, and objectives:

Safe & Standardized Practices: To reduce negative impacts both on site and off site from large scale clearing as well as irresponsible and unsupervised tree cutting practices on small scale sites;
Form and function of significant sized or mature healthy trees: Promote retention of a portion of the significant and permit size trees on sites where possible especially on new developments to retain form and character of neighbourhoods.
Tree canopy retention balance: retain a minimum tree canopy cover ratio through replanting requirements to help offset costs to the larger community and taxpayers;
Create a level playing field for tree experts: To help encourage responsible, consistent standard of care for tree management and cutting practices.
Flexible exemptions and appropriate options for tree permit applicants: No two sites are the same and landowners struggle with different challenges. Develop and promote a cost effective, progressive, and fair or reasonable Tree Bylaw and permit process for land owners.

Council is looking for feedback from permit applicants and tree professionals to help inform how we can create a more efficient and effective tree permit process.

The survey can be completed online here or a hardcopy can be submitted/mailed to City Hall (11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge V2X 6A9). The survey will be available until December 6, 2019.  A copy of the staff report that was presented at Council Workshop on October 2, 2019 can be viewed here.

Tree Bylaw

 The Tree Protection & Management Bylaw 7133-2015 was adopted by Council on January 12, 2016.

The bylaw focuses on responsible management and mitigation measures for tree removal to minimize impacts on neighbouring properties, to encourage preservation measures where possible, and to promote tree replacement measures across the community where tree cutting practices are taking place.
For convenience, we have prepared individual bulletins with information pertaining to the bylaw for ease of understanding.
Information document about Tree Topping (PDF).