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Other Recent Housing Projects in Maple Ridge

The Housing Action Plan Housing-Action-Plan-Final-PDF (mapleridge.ca)  Housing Action Plan | Maple Ridge, BC  was endorsed by Council in 2014 with an intent to expand housing forms within the community. A Housing Action Plan implementation framework was endorsed by Council in 2015 (include link to the document) and since that time, several pieces of work aimed at increasing housing choice have been undertaken, including:

In addition to the above work, the City completed a Housing Needs Report, Council Workshop Meeting Agenda and Reports February 9, 2021 (mapleridge.ca) Housing Needs Report | Maple Ridge, BC), which was endorsed by Council in February 2021.  The Report outcomes are providing the City with a better understanding of our current and future housing needs and is being utilized as a foundation for planning and decision-making for the next five years. Housing for families and seniors are two key areas of local need identified through the assessment.