Downtown Enhancement Project

Construction on the fourth and final phase of the Downtown Enhancement Project on Lougheed Highway between 224 Street and 226 Street is underway.

The current work is impacting the north side of Lougheed Highway. This phase of the project includes:

  • Roadway excavation with the construction of new concrete curbs, sidewalks and  street lights
  • Replacement of the existing storm sewer
  • Planted medians with new street trees complete with modular soil systems and irrigation
  • Traffic signal modifications, pavement markings, and asphalt milling and paving.

The objectives of the Downtown Enhancement Projects include increasing the livability of the Town Centre, supporting business growth and encouraging future investment in the area, while enhancing the street experience for pedestrians and shoppers and the safety of road users.

Examples of how the new streetscape will look can be found on the areas that have already been completed:

  • Lougheed Highway from 222 Street to 224 Street
  • 224 Street from Lougheed Highway to Dewdney Trunk Road
  • Lougheed Highway from 226 Street to 228 Street

Weekly project updates are available at the links below. If you have any questions regarding the project please contact Shahrzad Honarmand, Project Manager for the City, by email at or by phone at 604-467-7349. 

We thank the community and business owners for their patience as this final phase of the Downtown Enhancement Project is completed.

Weekly Project Updates

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