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The City of Maple Ridge Building Bylaw applies to all construction, alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation and occupancy of all new and existing buildings and structures. 

What you need to know:

  • Applications for permits are reviewed for compliance with Maple Ridge’s bylaws and provincial codes.
  • On-site inspections are conducted to ensure the work is being done correctly and in accordance with the building permit.
  • Successful completion of building and plumbing permits results in the building receiving an occupancy permit.
  • This building permit becomes part of the permanent record in the property file. This information is important to future property owners since it assures them that the work was done in accordance with applicable zoning, health and life-safety regulations.
  • Permits may be required prior to work and a variety of the permits below may be required as part of your project.

Choosing Permits

There are a variety of permits that must be obtained before your business or residence undergoes construction or alteration. If you have any questions while undergoing the application process or determining which application or applications may be required, please contact the Permits Department.

Building Permit

A building permit is required to build, construct, remodel, repair, demolish, remove or move any building or structure over 100 square feet. Examples include:

  • Additions
  • Detached structures
  • Fire damage repairs
  • Foundation or structural repairs
  • Renovations
  • Retaining walls

Electrical Permit:

An electrical permit is required by the Safety Standards Act of British Columbia and the City of Maple Ridge whenever electrical work is performed. Examples include

  • Installation of any new wiring or circuitry
  • Rearrangement of wiring or circuitry
  • Installation or rearranging of electrical equipment
  • Electrical permits are also required for all energized signs, movie sets and outdoor live performances

Gas Permit:

A gas permit is required for new installations or alterations to existing gas appliances, piping and venting 

  • Plumbing Permit: A plumbing permit is required for any installation, addition, or alteration to plumbing systems
  • Sign Permit: Any exterior sign requires a sign permit
  • Sprinkler Permit: A sprinkler permit is required for any installation of an approved fire sprinkler system as a part of the construction of all new buildings within the City. For more information, please refer to the City of Maple Ridge's Sprinkler Bylaw (PDF) or contact the Building Department.
  • Occupancy Permit: An occupancy permit is required prior to moving into a building (people or contents) and may be obtained for a limited period of time, if all inspectors approve provisional occupancy. A fee will be required for a provisional occupancy permit

Occupancy Permit Criteria

Final inspections on all gas, plumbing, electrical and building permits must be approved, along with schedule C-Bs and the site survey received prior to occupancy permits being issued. Occupancy of a building without first obtaining an occupancy or provisional occupancy permit may result in penalties as stated in the Maple Ridge Building Bylaw (PDF).

Sewer Compliance

Homes on septic must have provincial "Sewerage Regulation" compliance by providing a "stamped letter of certification," which may be obtained from a registered onsite wastewater practitioner. To locate a practitioner, please refer to the registrant list available online.

Well Water

Homes on well water must have verification from an accredited lab that the water meets or exceeds the stipulated potability requirements as set out in the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. The lab must be accredited by the Canadian Association for the Environmental Analytical Laboratories Inc. (CAEAL). To locate a lab in your area, please refer to the list online at the Canadian Association for the Environmental Analytical Laboratories Inc.


Book Inspections Online 

This service is for all permit types. For electrical and gas final inspections you will completing the required declaration online as part of this request process. Once the request has been scheduled in the system you will receive a confirmation email. Click here to request an inspection.

Information required to book an inspection: 

  • Permit number
  • Site address
  • Type of inspection requested 
  • All electrical inspections and final gas inspections require a picture or scan of the signed original declaration. 

Daily Inspection Schedule

View daily inspection schedules for all permit types issued by building department and find out if your inspection will be in the morning(am) or afternoon(pm). Click here to view inspection schedules

Submit Trades Permits (PG, GS & EL) Applications

Submit Trades Permit Applications via Email

Inspection Results

View inspection results based on the date the inspections was scheduled for and took place. Inspection results can only be retrieved for the previous two-month period. Click here to retrieve inspection results.

Permit Fees & Charges

Building permit fees include a plan processing fee (payable at the time of application) and a Building Permit Fee (payable at the time of building permit issuance). If it becomes necessary to make changes to a permit already issued or if you require additional inspections, additional fees may be required.

  1. Building Permit Fees (2023)
  2. Electrical Permit Fees (2023)
  3. Gas Permit Fees (2023)
  4. Plumbing/Sprinkler Permit Fees (2023)


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Inspection Requests

Online Inspection Booking

Building Department Online Inspection Booking

Click here ( to request an inspection. This service is for all permit types and is currently replacing the 24 hour inspection phone line. For electrical inspections and gas final inspections you will now be completing the declaration on-line as part of the request process. Once the request has been scheduled in the system you will receive a confirmation email.