Alternative Approval Process

Alternate Approval Process
Parks and Recreational facilities have been under consideration by Council after extensive public consultation. Staff has been directed to move forward with obtaining approval for the eight projects which can be viewed below. In order to proceed, Maple Ridge must borrow the remaining sum of $49.5 million to supplement the existing revenue streams. This borrowing will require electoral approval, which can be achieved through the Alternative Approval Process (AAP). To learn more, view the Loan Authorization Bylaws Report.

By signing a form you are opposing the borrowing for the project.

The AAP is a method to gauge public opinion and is most commonly used in relation to long-term borrowing bylaws. In short, the local government may proceed on the projects below unless 10% or more of the electors sign an AAP form within a 30 day period. Unless at least 10% (5,828) of the eligible electors sign, the projects cannot proceed without holding an assent of the electors process - similar to what is commonly known as a deciding referendum. To find out if you are an eligible elector, view the elector qualifications.

Please visit the pages below to learn about each proposed project and to find each project's AAP form. These projects are not bundled; there are separate AAP forms and bylaws for each project which can be found on the project's page or under item nine below.

The project list does not include the 'Outdoor Pool Concept’ that was introduced during the community consultation.  The final concept and project timeline will come back to Council in the near future.  Any proposed borrowing would be subject to a separate process at that time.

Elector Response Forms must be received by:
the Corporate Officer
Municipal Hall - 11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 6A9
no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, February 19, 2018.