Home Owner Grants

Home Owner Grant Threshold Increased for 2021

Updated January 4, 2021

The provincial government has set the 2021 Home Owner Grant threshold to $1.625 million. 

 For more information: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2021FIN0001-000002

New Homeowner Grant Application Process (Effective 2021)

Updated January 4, 2021

The home owner grant is available to eligible homeowners who pay property taxes. Effective 2021, homeowners will no longer apply for the home owner grant through their property tax office. Everyone will now apply directly to the province using a new online system that will be available in early 2021.

Although the application process has changed, program details and eligibility requirements have not.

This new system will help ensure that homeowners receive their full grant entitlement, including the additional grant for seniors or persons with a disability. It will also help process applications faster and reduce fraudulent applications.

Please note: early applications are not being accepted at this time. To be notified when the system goes live, subscribe to the province's What's New in BC Property Taxes page at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/taxes/tax-changes/whats-new/property-taxes

For more information:

Toll Free: 1-888-355-2700
Office: 250-387-0555
Mailing: PO Box 9991 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC V8W 9R7


General Home Owner Grant Information

  • Must be claimed on or before the due date to avoid penalties
  • Incomplete, unclaimed or late applications will result in penalty charges
  • The applicant must live at the property to claim the Home Owner Grant
  • Only one owner can claim on one property per year, no matter how many properties owned by that same owner
  • Only one grant can be claimed per married couple each year
  • Only one type of grant can be claimed for a property (senior or disability or basic)
  • Minimum and maximum thresholds for each type of grant are based on the assessed property value, for actual values see Service BC website links below for each grant

Basic Home Owner Grant

  • A basic home owner grant is worth $570 off property taxes for most properties
  • To qualify you:
    • Must be on title
    • Must live at the property
    • Be your principle residence
    • Be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • For more information and to apply:

Senior Home Owner Grant

  • A senior grant is worth $845 off property taxes for most properties
  • Property owner must qualify for the basic home owner grant and be aged 65 or older (must be the applicant)
  • For more information and to apply: 

People with Disabilities Home Owner Grant

  • A disability grant is worth $845 off the property taxes for most properties
  • Property owner must qualify for the basic home owner grant and meet the criteria for the disability grant
  • For more information and to apply:

Veteran Home Owner Grant

  • Supplements are available (if all the criteria is met)
  • Surviving Spouses of Veterans Grant upgrade available
  • Check Criteria and for more information:

Retro Home Owner Grant

  • You can still claim a home owner grant if you were eligible for the previous year
  • You must have lived at the property last year
  • You must still own the property at the time of claiming
  • For more information and to apply:

Low Income Senior Grant Supplement & Low Income Disability Grant Supplement 

  • These 2 programs are administered by the Province of BC
  • For more information:


For specific questions relating to Home Owner Grants please contact:

Home Owner Grant Administration Branch website
Email: HOGADMIN@gov.bc.ca
Tel:1-888-355-2700 or 1-250-387-0555
PO Box 9991 Stn Prov Govt,
Victoria BC  V8W 9R7

Property owner must qualify for the basic home owner grant