Action Park Poetry and Art

Unveiling Date:

June 25, 2017


Schoolyard Action Park at Thomas Haney Secondary School - 23000 116 Avenue


This poetry and art project at Thomas Haney Schoolyard Action Park is a community public artwork commissioned through the Maple Ridge Public Art Program. Students from Maple Ridge Youth Council and Thomas Haney Secondary developed original poems and artwork. The community public art process was supported by Ronnie Dean Harris, a Stō:lo/St'át'imc multimedia artist and Mary-Ann Liu, Vancouver sculptor and designer. The poetry and artwork cover the surfaces of the concrete planters surrounding the Action Park and are also featured on the vinyl wraps for the new garbage containers.

Poetry, art and photos thanks to the following youths:

Additional thanks to M. Clayton (also known as Forrest), lead youth initiator and connector extraordinaire and Thomas Haney Secondary School. Sandblasting of artwork designs by Studio One (Yves Trudeau).