Webster's Corners

History in the Making


James Murray Webster first settled in this area around 1888 and built his homestead at Dewdney Trunk Road and 16 Road (256 Street). He opened a Post Office in his house in 1891 when the mail arrived three times a week. The area was wilderness at the time with only a few homesteaders, but several sawmills started operating in the area. A school was built in 1896 in a small clearing near the location of the present day school and a Methodist Church built on Dewdney Trunk Road in 1912. One of the distinctive elements of Webster’s Corners is its Finnish community.

The first Finnish settlers moved here after the failure of the Utopian socialist commune at Sointula on the north end of Vancouver Island. Casting about for a way to sustain the settlement, their leader, Matti Kurikka, obtained a shingle bolt contract at Webster’s Corners and several families arrived here in early 1905 to work on this contract. Some of them stayed in the area and a small Finnish community was born. To this day a number of early Finnish homes still retain their separate saunas.
Learn more about the history and the pioneer families of Webster's Corners at the Maple Ridge Museum.

The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge is a great resource for additional information about the Webster's Corners area.

Historical Buildings in Webster's Corners

  • Ansell Residence | 24750 Dewdney Trunk Road | Circa 1909
  • Cliff Park and Cliff Falls | 11608 251 Street | Cultural Landscape
  • Horace Carter Residence | 11860 256 Street | Circa 1937
  • Karst/Mattson Residence | 25412 117 Avenue | 1914
  • Katainen Residence | 25575 125 Avenue | Circa 1919
  • May Residence | 25265 Dewdney Trunk Road| 1924-25
  • Myntti Residence | 25458 125 Avenue | Circa 1919
  • Sampo Hall | 25470 Dewdney Trunk Road | Circa 1915-1916
  • Skytte Residence | 25302 Dewdney Trunk Road | 1913
  • Toikka Residence | 25889 Dewdney Trunk Road | 1938
  • Webster’s Corners Commercial Building | 25569 Dewdney Trunk Road | Circa 1932
  • Webster’s Corners United Church | 25102 Dewdney Trunk Road | Circa 1912


Today, much of Webster's Corners is residential and private family farms. There are many nurseries that sell locally in this area as well. Webster's Corners is just a short drive from the Maple Ridge Town Centre and boasts Kanaka Creek Regional Park with Cliff Falls and the Bell-Irving Hatchery.

Webster's Corners is a hub of activity for film productions in Maple Ridge. Some of the more notable TV Series that have been filmed in this area are: Van Helsing, Rogue, Fringe, Super Natural and many others.

Located near the border of Maple Ridge and Mission just off Dewdney Trunk Road, is a network of trails for mountain bikers in the BCIT Woodlot. The trail network was created by a group of riders who built a series of twisting ramps, ladders, jumps and steep descents for intermediate and advanced riders.

Most of the mountain bike trails in the Woodlot are actually part of the BC Ministry of Forest Woodlot, a working forest managed by the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Forest Society. The Woodlot builders work closely with the Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association and BCIT.

You can't shuttle here and all unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited, so you must pedal up to ride down. There are 29 trails with a total of approximately 23.5 km. Online Trail Map