Silver Valley

History in the Making

Then & Now

Silver Valley is located on the north side of the Alouette River and is a gateway to popular recreation areas for residents and visitors alike and is rich with stunning views and access to fantastic trail networks.

The forested hillsides of this area contain an extensive trail network with spectacular views. The creeks and rivers that flow through Silver Valley provide some of the richest salmon habitat in the Lower Mainland, supporting populations of Chum, Coho and Pink Salmon as well Cutthroat and Steelhead Trout.

Two important, distinct vegetation communities are found within the Silver Valley area. The marshlands to the west are part of the Blaney Creek watershed and now represent part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District’s park system. The rock barrens are long-term natural clearings, with the thin soils located here, they are incapable of supporting forest cover.

Silver Valley is a growing residential area popular with equestrians so it is very common to see people riding horses here in Maple Ridge.

The UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest is home to the Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre and contains black bear, cougar and black-tailed deer populations. As many as 26 species of birds have also been identified and the marshland to the west is an important wintering and breeding habitat for waterfowl.

What's Here

A few of the neighbourhood features, from parks to popular attractions.