Hosting a Community Event


Hosting a special event in Maple Ridge is an opportunity to celebrate our cultural identity, community spirit, pride and unique sense of place. By creating a new community event or sharing your ideas and creativity to enhance or expand an existing festival or special event, you are building and celebrating our community spirit, pride and culture.

  1. Special Event Application
  2. Event Planning Resources
  3. Festival Grants


Special Event Application


Step 1: Review Guidelines

Once you're ready to begin, check that your event matches the following criteria:

  • Located in a Maple Ridge public space such as parks, roads, and plazas.
  • Inclusive in the design, promotion, and delivery of the event.
  • Free or low cost.
  • Takes place once a year or infrequently.
  • Ensure that Federal and Provincial laws, permits and requirements, and City policies, by-laws and guidelines are followed including public safety.
  • Complies with Public Health Guidelines. See provincial website for details.


Step 2: Submit an Application

If your event meets the above criteria, complete the online Special Event Application including any supporting documents at minimum 90 days prior to your event date.

Review the Festival Resource Guide (PDF) and Event Planning Resources (please see second tab with same title) to help prepare your application.

If you are new to hosting an event on civic property, contact staff by email to to help confirm your eligibility and assist with your application, site map, safety and/or planning.


Step 3: Application Feedback

Once your event application is submitted, staff will send an acknowledgement to let you know we have received it.  We will continue to provide feedback in a timely manner and communicate with you throughout the process.


Step 4: Preliminary Approval

Once preliminary approval is provided, you can move forward with your event plans which may include finalizing contracts, completing any appropriate permits, and marketing.  If your event is not approved, staff will work with you to try to resolve any outstanding issues.


Step 5: Park Orientation 

As part of the contract requirements, event organizers (two representatives) who host events in Memorial Peace Park are required to attend a free site orientation prior to the approved event to ensure your event day plans go smoothly. If you are hosting your event in another park or public space in Maple Ridge, you are not required to attend a Park Orientation and may skip this step.


We are happy to discuss your event or answer questions by phone at 604-467-7325 or email to Happy event planning! We look forward to reviewing your application(s).