Sidewalk Poetry

In celebration of Maple Ridge's 140th Anniversary in 2015, the City through the Public Art Steering Committee launched this community public art project that challenged current and past residents to write original "tweetable" poems, elegant rhymes, playful limericks, bar napkin free verse or classroom haikus, on the theme: what makes this City special to you?  There's a poet in every one of us!  It highlights the community's creative talents in public spaces and shares stories of Maple Ridge's past, present and future through poetry.  We were inspired by the City of St. Paul, MI and City of Cambridge, MA. 

Each poem was restricted to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation, and the winning submissions were displayed on local sidewalks in the Town Centre using a vinyl over laminate material and later stamped permanently into concrete sidewalks.

Special thanks to representatives from the Public Art Steering Committee, Holy Wow Poets, Golden Ears Writers and Municipal Advisory Committee on Accessibility and Inclusiveness in assisting with the placement and selection process.

We look forward to the evolution in the sidewalk poetry program!

2018 Installation

The call is now open for residents to submit your sidewalk poem.  
Deadline: August 15 at 9:00 AM PST
Submit by email 


  • Original poem in any style but limited to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation and up to 5 lines.  
  • No more than 2 submissions per person.
  • Open to residents past and present.  
  • There are three age categories: kids (under 12 years old), youth (12-19 years old) and adults (19+ years old).  Please note in your submission.
  • Provide full contact information in the waiver with your entry.  Download the waiver.
  • Four new poems will be selected to be stamped on Lougheed Hwy (between 224th and 226th St) as part of the roadway improvements in the fall.


What makes Maple Ridge special to you? 

A jury, consisting of community members with expertise, will make the selection. If time permitted, we may include a people's choice in the selection.

2017 Installation 

For Canada's 150th anniversary, poems by youth were selected for the Thomas Haney Action Park.

2015 Installation

Congratulations to the ten residents chosen for the first Sidewalk Poetry installation in 2015. Thanks to all for voting "like" on Facebook for the top two poems (Emily Tsui and Leanne Koehn) which are permanently stamped in the sidewalk on Selkirk Street (behind the Mall).