Unveiling Date:

September 2012


Lougheed Highway & 224 Street outside Westminster Savings Credit Union


Six panels of tempered, laminated glass are fixed into the branches of a tree-shaped aluminium sculpture. The sculpture resembles maple trees, particularly those after which the City was named on McIver farm.

The project cost $40,000, split equally between the Westminster Savings and the City of Maple Ridge.

"It's specific to Maple Ridge – in that Maple Ridge is very much in tune with its setting," said Cuesta, a Vancouver artist. "And trees are the most balanced structures there are," she added.

"The whole idea is that it will change and dance to the seasons – and the weather. It will cast reflections over here (the entrance to the credit union). It will turn out beautiful."

The Maple Ridge piece is of grey, non-reflective aluminium with upward facing branches that end in a point. That's partly to keep the birds away, and partly to reflect what the artists feel. "There's a bit of pain in the community," said Cuesta. The sculpture's also about progress and moving forward and more acceptance of the community, adds Baker. He hopes the sculpture, which he notes is recyclable, will become an icon of Maple Ridge. Cuesta said it's more exciting when art is seen as a part of social development, "and have an emotional response to a place. "We recognize beauty and therefore we get a sense of pride of the place that we live in." For Baker, "Art is always a mirror the people that look at it. It shows you who you are."

Artist: Bill Baker


Bill Baker is an urban designer, artist, and residential designer. He studied art history at the Sorbonne in Paris, worked as an urban designer for the City of Vancouver and a private urban design consulting firm. He is a residential designer/builder and project manager since 1978 to present. As an artist he has exhibited in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1997, at the H.Y. Luie building in Vancouver 1997, at Catriona Jeffries 1989/1990, and at the Pitt Gallery, in Vancouver, 1990. His work is in collections in Canada, Japan, England, Colombia, U.S.A., Mexico, Chile and the Art Bank of Canada.

Artist: Claudia Cuesta - Sechelt, Canada


Claudia Cuesta has an M.A. in fine arts from the Slade School of Fine Art, U.K. She has exhibited at; pitt gallery 2003, Indiana University 2001, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art 2000, Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver 1998, Performance at International Exhibition Chianti Italy 1998, Outdoor installation Rio de Janeiro biennale 1997, Museum of Modern Art Bogota Colombia 1994, Power Plant Toronto 1993, Ikon Gallery Birmingham UK 1992, South Bank Art Gallery UK 1992. She taught until 2008 at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, at the Universidad Nacional, Colombia in 1995 and at various art schools in England from 1989 to 1993. She currently mentors emerging and senior artists. Art work in various art collections, Vancouver art gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Bogota, Tovell, Canada, Bemis, U.S.A., Schlumberger, Paris.