Fern Crescent Residency

Artist Natali Leduc at Fern Residence

Location: 23740 Fern Crescent, Maple Ridge (below the Maple Ridge Lapidary Club)

Natali Leduc has an academic background in Sculpture, French Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Houston and University of Ottawa. She has taught sculpture, French language, literature and creative writing at the college level, as well as bookbinding and art bicycle workshops for at-risk teenagers. Natali creates objects and situations as solutions to real and imaginary problems, with a fondness for interactive contraptions, performances, and experimental puppet shows.

Residency Project: “The Little Museum of What?” 

Her proposal for the residency includes the “The Little Museum of What?” which will turn part of the residence into a little museum and a hub of creativity. She sees the studio space at the Fern Crescent residence as a learning laboratory and a place for the community to meet and share their experience, knowledge and ideas. Workshops will be offered to the community, aimed at different ages and interests, and may include bicycle contraptions, costumes, poetry, bookmaking, interactive installations, assemblages, puppets, sculpture, performance, weird repairs and much more.