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COVID-19 Update

City of Maple Ridge recreation and culture facilities will be closed effective March 17 at 6:00 PM (and until further notice). The decision to close these facilities was made in response to the Province’s directive to limit public gatherings in an effort to minimize the transmission of COVID-19. Learn more.
Swimming Lesson Registration begins March 3, 2020 for the Spring Season! We look forward to welcoming you to the newly renovated pool. There's information below to find your perfect fit. Or, if you're ready to register, use our online registration or call 604-467-7422.  

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For Swimmers with Disabilities: Please fill out the Swimmer Information Intake Form (PDF) and return to the Aquatics section.

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Aquatic RedCross Swim Preschool Lessons Chart
Aquatic RedCross Swim Kids Lessons

Preschool Lesson Fees

8 X 30 $49.05
5 X 45 $45.95
6 X 45 55.15

Swim Kids 1-5, Smart to Start, Adaptive Lesson Fees

8 X 30 $43.10
5 X 45 $40.40
6 X 45 $48.50

Swim Kids 6-10 Lesson Fees

8 X 45 $55.20
5 X 60 $46.00
6 X 60 $55.20

Private Lesson Fees

1 X 30 $27.30

Adult Lesson Fees

8 X 30 $48.80
5 X 45 $45.75
6 X 45 $54.90

Swimming Lesson Levels

Adaptive Lessons

The aquatics department is committed to promoting the dignity, independence and potential of persons with disabilities, though small group size lessons. Ideal for children aged 3 - 12 years with mental or physical disabilities who learn best in a quieter environment. Please note: Lesson intake form must be filled out prior to lessons.

Parent Participation - Infant & Tot Lessons

Starfish (4-12 months), Duck (12-24 months) and Sea Turtle (24-36 months) are parent participation lessons. Parents are in the water giving one on one attention to their children and learning the basics of being water wise through games and exploration.

Private Lessons

- One-on-one instruction for those needing individual attention. All ages are welcome.

Smart to Start

For children 9 - 12 years just starting out in swimming lessons. Focus will be on the first four levels of the Swim Kids Program.

Smart Teen

This course is designed for the specific needs of beginning swimmers in the 13 - 18 year age group. Positive experiences in the water and beginning swimming skills are focused on in this level.

Swim Kids 1 - 10

School Age (Child is 6 years old+ or completion of Minnows 5 and 5 years old.) The Red Cross Swim Kids Program lends attention to both swimming skills and water safety education. Progressive evaluation points throughout the levels allow participants to learn and progress at their rate.

Adult/Teen Lessons

Designed specifically for adults and teens age 13 years +. Classes will be a learning centred environment allowing participants to learn skills important to them.

Swim Evaluation

Forgotten what class you or your child were in last? Contact our friendly customer service staff by calling 604-467-7422. Free Evaluations are offered once Hammond Pool is open to ensure your are registered in the correct level.

Use of Sauna & Steam Room by Children

Due to the high temperature of the sauna and steam room, children under 16 years of age are not permitted to use them.


Volunteer opportunities in the aquatic area are available to assist with swimming lessons and special events. Volunteering can bring personal rewards and valuable experience for those interested in pursuing a career in aquatics. See our Volunteer for Aquatics page for how to apply.