Swimming Lessons


Welcome! We offer Swimming Lessons for all ages and abilities at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre (11925 Haney Place) and at Hammond Outdoor Pool (20601 Westfield Avenue) during the its operational season.

The Spring 2023 season of Swimming Lessons is currently active (scroll down for registration window). 

The Summer 2023 season of Swimming Lessons starts soon! Lessons will be viewable online on Friday, June 9 followed by online registration starting Tuesday, June 13 at 6:00 AM and in-person/phone registration starting Thursday, June 15 at 8:00 AM. Please see the "2023 Lessons" tab for more information. 


Registration Guidelines

The charts below (one for Infant - 5Y and another for 5Y+) will help you determine the appropriate Lifesaving Society's Swim for Life program according to your child's age and ability. For those who have previously taken swimming lessons within the Canadian Red Cross program, please refer to the third column to help determine the equivalent within Swim for Life. 

Click here for our Swimming Lessons Transition Chart.

Free Lesson Evaluations

Need help determining the appropriate level for your child? After November 1, come to the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre (11925 Haney Place) during public swim times for a FREE lesson evaluation. Just ask Customer Experience at the front desk and they will connect you with our Aquatics Team! 

Guidelines for Infant - 5 Years Old
Register in Lifesaving Society's Swim For Life:
Red Cross Equivalent (no longer offered):
4 to 12 months old and ready to learn to enjoy the water with a parent/guardian
Jellyfish - Parent & Tot 1
12 to 24 months old and ready to learn to enjoy the water with a parent/guardian
Goldfish - Parent & Tot 2
24 to 36 months old and ready to learn to enjoy the water with a parent/guardian
Seahorse - Parent & Tot 3
Sea Turtle
3 to 5 years old and just starting out
Octopus - Preschool 1
Sea Otter
Can get in and out and jump into chest-deep water assisted; float and glide on front and back
Crab - Preschool 2
Can jump into chest-deep water; submerge and exhale underwater; float on front and back assisted for 3 seconds
Orca - Preschool 3
Can jump into deep water wearing a lifejacket; recover objects from the bottom; hold breath underwater; float, glide and kick on front and back
Sea Lion - Preschool 4
Can do solo jumps into deep water; swim front crawl for 5m wearing a lifejacket and flutter kick on front and back
Narwhal - Preschool 5

Guidelines for 5 Years Old +Register in Lifesaving Society's Swim for Life:Red Cross Equivalent (no longer offered):
5 to 12 years old and just starting outSwimmer 1Swim Kids 1
Can jump into chest-deep water by themselves and into deep-water wearing a lifejacket; open eyes, hold breath, and exhale underwater; float, kick on front and backSwimmer 2Swim Kids 2
Can jump into deep water and do a sideways entry wearing a lifejacket; support self at the surface for 15 seconds; do whip kick in vertical position; and swim 10 m on front and backSwimmer 3Swim Kids 3
Can tread for 30 seconds; do kneeling dives and front somersaults; 10 m whip kick on back; and swim 15 m front crawl and back crawlSwimmer 4Swim Kids 4
Swim Kids 5
Can complete the Canadian Swim to Survive Standard: Roll - Tread (1 min.) - Swim (50 m); dive; swim underwater; 15 m whip kick on front; breaststroke arms with breathing; and swim front and back crawl 25 mSwimmer 5Swim Kids 6
Can do shallow dives and cannonballs; eggbeater and scissor kick; swim 50 m front and back crawl; breaststroke for 25 m; sprint 25 m; interval training 4 x 50 mSwimmer 6Swim Kids 7
Can do stride entries and compact jumps; legs-only surface support for 45 seconds; sprint 25 m breaststroke; swim 100 m of front crawl and back crawl and 300 m workoutSwimmer 7 / Rookie PatrolSwim Kids 8
Preferred successful completion - Swimmer 7/Rookie PatrolSwimmer 8 / Ranger PatrolSwim Kids 9
Preferred successful completion - Swimmer 8/Ranger PatrolSwimmer 9 / Star PatrolSwim Kids 10

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