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At the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, we want to help you meet your healthy living goals. That’s why we have highly qualified personal trainers available to help customize your workout experience. When you choose the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, you will receive a free orientation of the facility, a free pass to a fitness class and individualized attention in a social environment. Everyone welcome!
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Sessions One on One
Small Group 
( 2-6 People)
Sports Team Fitness 
(Up to 18 Athletes)
Two Sessions
$90 $175 $208
Four Sessions $160 $300 $416
Six Sessions $240 $400 $625
Personal Training Sessions $30/30 min (Package of 5)  

Sports Team Fitness Training 

A personal trainer can create sport specific programs that will help your team increase their flexibility, balance, strength, and focus. Trainers can curate a training session for your athletes. Here are some examples of packages offered:

  1. Indoor Cycling - Through hill climbs, sprints and long distance riding, indoor cycling will increase your aerobic endurance. The goal of this session is to build leg strength while focusing and maintaining a challenging cadence. 
  2. Yoga - Develop strength and flexibility while practicing combinations of poses. Yoga is great for injury prevention, athletic performance and learning calming breathing techniques.
  3. HIIT - Through high intensity bursts of activity and short periods of recovery, high intensity interval training will push you to your limits, build lean muscle and improve your cardiovascular health. 
  4. Power Core - Challenge your body with this power and strength focused class. Develop and strengthen your abdomen, obliques and lower back.

Personal Training Half Sessions

Half Sessions are 30 minutes and are available in packages of five. These customized sessions are ideal for beginners or for those recovering from injuries.

One-on-One Personal Training

Whether you are a beginner or elite athlete, our trainers can help you meet your fitness goals with tailored sessions. Work with trainers who love what they do and focus on injury recovery, pre/postnatal, sport specific training, yoga, pilates, weight loss and more.

Small Group Training (2-6 People)

Want a wallet-friendly training program without losing the quality of service? Whether you are completely new to fitness or an advanced athlete, we have a small group package that fits your needs.

Indoor Cycling for Athletes

Help your legs feel more flexible and stronger! Indoor cycling is a vigorous workout to cross-train for your sport. Spinning intervals, rolling hills, sprints, climbs, runs, surges and jumps will increase your muscle power and endurance.

Yoga for Athletes

Increase flexibility, balance, strength, focus and dedication. Many athletes practice yoga because of the benefits of increasing flexibility (range of motion around a joint helps prevent injury). Yoga increases the athlete’s ability to stay focused and aids in reducing player anxiety.