School-Aged Kids Programs

School Aged Programs
Our programs for children 6-12 years old are created to provide a fun and supportive environment where kids can be kids. Not all children have the same interests, so we have designed a variety of programs to intrigue even the most discerning child!

Check out our children’s programs in the Arts & Recreation Guide. Inside you’ll find a complete list of current programs available.

Day Camps

Whether it's for one or five days, our camps will ensure children are up to something fun and active.

Evening Programs

Dodgeball and Junior Engineers are just a couple of examples of creative evening programs where children can enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment.

Family Activities

If you are looking for activities that your whole family can enjoy, look no further! Our family programs center around creating memorable family activities that are fun for all ages. It may be learning a new sport or dressing up and attending a ghoulish Halloween carnival, but one thing is for sure – it’s all about family fun!


We provide an array of active and engaging recreational programs, so that children can exert their energy in a healthy manner. From canoeing or kayaking to floor hockey to fencing, children are improving their fitness and confidence. Our fitness programs are also great for children who may need that extra push to get outside and be active.

Hands-On Learning

These programs are designed for children who just have to touch and get into everything! From building to baking, our creative programs will allow kids to be curious and experimental in a fun, safe and supportive environment.


The “schoolyard” at Thomas Haney Secondary School is the place for skateboard enthusiasts in Maple Ridge! The skate park resembles an urban plaza and a skate-able public art piece called ‘the moustache.’ The unique street-style design draws thousands of skaters not only from our local community, but from all over the Lower Mainland and North America! The park is staffed with youth workers who are in the beginning stages of completing a mentorship / leadership program.