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Active Kids Club Program - Licensed

The Active Kids Club (AKC) program is a licensed after school program that operates in partnership with School District 42 in local elementary schools. These programs are available at Albion, Eric Langton, Hammond, Laity View & Yennadon Elementary schools. Children in grades K-7 are provided with supervision from trained children’s employees. At AKC we are proud of our innovative and experiential programming that focuses on fun, creative, themed activities and team work. We provide healthy snacks and active play for children after school and encourage and support children with their development in play, fitness, imagination and sense of curiosity in the world around them.

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Active Kids Club (AKC) registration packages are available for print, or to fill out digitally and print, below. Please complete a package for each child attending AKC and submit in person to the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre front desk. Additional medical forms will be required if your child has a medical condition. These forms are also available below for printing. Please complete these forms per medical condition and attach to your child’s registration package. 

Parents must read and review the Active Kids Club Parent Handbook prior to registering for the Active Kids Club program.

Albion Sept-Dec 2019
Eric Langton Sept-Dec 2019
Hammond Sept-Dec 2019
Laity View Sept-Dec 2019
Yennadon Annex Sept-Dec 2019
Administration of Medical Consent
Emergency Plan Anaphylaxis
Medical Alert Care Plan

Active Kids Club Subsidy:

To apply for the Affordable Child Care Benefit Subsidy for the Active Kids Club please visit the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre front desk to pick up a subsidy application package for your child’s school location.

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