Financial Access

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The City of Maple Ridge believes that all residents should have access to community recreation (and sport), regardless of cost and/or financial barriers. The Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture department offers the following financial subsidies located in the tabs below. 
  1. Access Pass
  2. Low Cost Opportunities
  3. Jumpstart
  4. KidSport BC

Access Pass – Financial Assistance (Previously known as the Participation Program)

The City of Maple Ridge, strives to make Parks, Recreation and Culture affordable for all residents.  The Access Pass is available to residents of the City of Maple Ridge, and offers reduced admission and program fees to Parks, Recreation and Culture Services.  Eligible residents will receive 75% off admission fees (unlimited) and 50% off program fees (to a maximum of $50 per program and on a maximum of four programs per year).

Qualifying for the Access Pass
You may qualify for the Access Pass if:
  • You are a City of Maple Ridge resident
  • You are a refugee who has settled within the City of Maple Ridge
  • You are a First Nation member belonging to Katzie First Nation, and/or Kwantlen First Nation
  • Your family’s combined total income from line 150 of your Notice of Assessment(s) is less than the amount allowed for your family size – see the Family Size & Income Table below to learn your total income maximum number
  • You have all required documents

Family Size & Income Table
Statistics Canada, 2018 - Before Tax Low Income Cut-offs (based on a community size of 30,000-99,000)

 Family Size  Income
 1  $22,186
 2  $27,619
 3  $33,953
 4  $41,225
 5  $46,757
 6  $52,754
 7+  $58,712

  • Family is defined as one primary applicant and/or their legally married or common-law partner, and their legal dependents.
  • Family income is the total income, line 150 of Notice of Assessment(s) for all family members contributing to the household.

    Income includes taxable and non-taxable income including, child support, long  term disability, workers compensation, foreign investments and income and  benefits or pension.

    It does not include child tax benefits or universal child tax credits.

Please Note: If you do not meet the outlined criteria but would like to request a review of your family income and/or circumstance, please submit your application, and supporting documents, along with an explanation for the consideration.  A coordinator and/or manager will contact you within 1 to 2 weeks.  Special consideration is made on a case by case basis.

How to Apply for the Access Pass 

Step 1: Complete the Application Form

Community (Resident) Application 

Maple Ridge residents applying for Access Pass complete:

Application Form AND provide a copy of the following:
  • Notice of Assessment for each person contributing to the household
  • Address related bill (Hydro, gas, internet, cable, landline, cell phone) or Lease Agreement/ Residential Tenancy Agreement (PO Boxes not accepted)
Partnership Application
If you are receiving support through a 3rd party government and/or community agency, complete:

Primary Applicant & Partner/Dependent(s) information on Application Form AND provide a copy of the following:
  • Eligibility letter from an approved adjudicator. (An adjudicator can be one of the following: community organization, family support services, a professional in social work or family services, Immigration services, financial case worker, a school principle, and/or counsellor.)
  • Please Note: If you have a signed letter from an adjudicator, you do not need to include your income information.

Step 2: Return Your Application Package

Submit your completed application and required documents to apply for the Access Pass in one of two ways:

In-Person at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre (11925 Haney Pl, Maple Ridge)
  • Appointment must be made by calling 604-467-7422. 
  • Ensure you have your completed application and supporting documents
  • The application will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to review
  • If your application is complete and you meet the requirements, you will receive your Access Pass at this time (please note, only family members in attendance will get their cards for member photos are required for the pass.)
Via Fillable Form & Email
  • Complete the online Application Formupload your required documents and press submit. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email within 3 to 5 days, with further instructions once your application has been reviewed and/or processed.
Please Note: Some applications will require additional screening, and decisions will delivered at a later date. Please allow 5 business days if additional screening is required.

Step 3: Your New Access Pass

When approved for your Active Pass, please visit the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre to obtain our photo ID membership card.  You can access your account for the first time with your phone number on file.  

Please ensure you have your membership card whenever visiting the centre(s) and provide your membership card prior to any purchases/ registrations.  Online registration will automatically apply your discounts.

What will you receive?
75% off admissions (including drop in rates, 10 and 20 passes and 1 and 3 month memberships) – 50% off 4 registered programs per year to a maximum of $50 per program.