Tips for Starting Your Business in Maple Ridge

Six Tips for Starting Your Business Off Right

STEP 1: Know the Zoning

Check the zoning where your business will be located to ensure you’re allowed to operate your business in that location.

STEP 2: Make Sure Your Building is "Up to Code"

Make sure the building where you plan to operate is “up to code”. The building must meet Provincial Building Code requirements if you’re planning any renovations to the structure, or changes to the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Older buildings may also require modifications to bring them up to current Provincial Building code and fire requirements.

STEP 3: Are You Planning a "Change of Use?

The BC Building Code’s Use Classification system determines the requirements that apply for each intended use of a building. A “change of use” occurs when the intended use changes, such as when you convert a retail space into a restaurant. Please check with our Building Department to determine the Building Code requirements that apply to your specific business.

STEP 4: Get Your Permits

Some examples of when permits are required include the removal, installation or relocation of interior walls, windows or doors, or changes to the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system or sprinkler system. Signage may also require a permit.

STEP 5: Find Out About Fraser Health Requirements

Does your business require approval from Fraser Health to operate? Food services, daycares and personal services business are just some of the types of businesses that require Fraser Health approval prior to issuance of a business licence from the City. Please contact Fraser Health to discuss their requirements.

STEP 6: Find Out if You're a "Regulated Business”

Check with our Licences & Bylaws Department to see if your business requires approval from a Provincial or Federal regulatory body in order to receive a business licence. Regulated businesses include liquor establishments, pharmacies, motor vehicle dealers, massage therapists and certified trades.

Did You Know?

With the two bridges our trading area is well over 2 million people.

Apply for a Licence

We have a Business Licence Guide (PDF) to assist you with applying for a business licence. If you are applying for a commercial business licence, please review our commercial business licence application process (PDF) information guide. You can download a copy of our business licence application (PDF) or request that one be sent to you by mail or fax. Or you can pick one up at the Licences & Bylaws Department at City Hall.

Intermunicipal Business Licence

Intermunicipal Business Licence is an additional endorsement to a qualifying licence which covers 11 communities in the Fraser Valley.