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Maple Ridge is a great place to start a new business: a rapidly growing population, high family incomes and the most affordable real estate in Metro Vancouver. This is a place where small businesses that focus on delivering exceptional products and service can thrive. We are a proven market for a wide range of industries and business opportunities. Whether you are a small start up, a home-based business or a large corporation, your business can be a success in Maple Ridge. We have a wealth of services and suppliers to meet your business needs.

The City of Maple Ridge’s Economic Development  & Civic Property Department assists both current business owners and future entrepreneurs interested in starting new businesses with information on business planning and expansion opportunities, and connects them with business and industry groups to develop strategic alliances and new economic opportunities.

Who Lives in Maple Ridge?

Active young families, with good jobs, living in single family homes. Maple Ridge has the most affordable real estate in Metro Vancouver so it’s not surprising that our residents are more likely to be married, have children and live in single family homes than the provincial average. On average, they’re younger (40.2 years old) and more likely to have college, professional or trades certifications than other BC residents.

We’re also home to a large number of urban professionals looking for rural estate homes with room for horses, boats and vehicles and located in a stunning natural environment.

Selecting the Right Location for Your Business

Whether you buy or lease, selecting the right location is one of the critical decisions that will affect the long-term success of your business. Once you’ve identified a property you’re interested in, contact the Economic Development Department for help understanding the process for getting your business licence. We strongly recommend that you make lease or sales agreements conditional to receiving all Municipal approvals.

Apply for a Business Licence

Getting a business licence is a simple process that is required for all businesses operating in Maple Ridge. The Coordinator - Licences & Permits located in the Economic Development & Civic Property Department will help you work through the process of getting permits and your business licence. Learn more about getting a business licence in Maple Ridge.

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Did You Know?

In 2017, the City of Maple Ridge won two of three NAME Awards (NAIOP Award for Municipal Excellence) as chosen by the Vancouver chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP) and Business in Vancouver Magazine.

  • Most Fiscally Responsible: Awarded to the City of Maple Ridge and the City of Delta, who have limited cost increases from 2015 to 2017 in order to have an equivalent annual average inflation rate of 0% and 3%, respectively.
  • Most Business Friendly: Awarded to the City of Maple Ridge and the City of Abbotsford. The City of Maple Ridge has two bylaws underway that, if implemented, will grow potential employment-designated land by 368 gross acres, and continues their Employment Lands Investment Incentive Program.