Additional Permits & Requests for Filming in Maple Ridge

It's Not All Smoke and Mirrors

Street Use & Traffic Control

In most cases street parking can be provided for essential unit vehicles. Where off-street parking is available, the film production company should use it for non-essential vehicles, e.g. crew parking. In locations where off-street parking is not available the film production company may be required to use a remote parking location and arrange for a suitable shuttle. Parking should be organized to minimize the disruption to the area. Cones and traffic personnel must be in place at all times. Vehicles may be required to be identified with signage/hangers.

If traffic cannot be effectively diverted onto other streets, traffic shall be stopped only intermittently and for no longer than three continuous minutes during each ten minute period.

The production company will be required to obtain, at their cost, certified or licenced professionals for traffic and/or crowd control where deemed necessary by the City. The traffic control plan must be forwarded to the Film Liaison with a minimum of five (5) days’ notice for their approval. Where traffic control is required by the RCMP (i.e. process trailer shots), please contact the Film Liaison directly.

While the City of Maple Ridge tries to accommodate your production the best we can, the following must be strictly adhered to:
  • Streets in the central business area of the City shall not be closed during the retail business day unless all businesses located thereon agree.
  • Major streets shall not be closed during rush hour or other high volume traffic periods.
  • Emergency equipment and school buses shall have the absolute right-of-way and shall not be impeded for any reason.
  • The City does not permit the use of streets for dangerous stunts such as high-speed car chases, crashes or special effects utilizing explosive devices.

Street Use Request (Addendum A)

If street space is required for the parking of vehicles, picture continuity or equipment placement, a Street Use Request must be submitted for approval, along with the parking plans and detailed map outlining the proposed area for filming and parking locations of production units and employee vehicles. The Film Liaison will coordinate approval of the Street Use Request (PDF) in conjunction with a film permit.

The Film Liaison will determine if a Road Closure Permit is required once all the details have been received.

Special Effects & Stunts

For special effects and stunts that will have significant impact to traffic, businesses, or residents, the location manager must submit a detailed description at least five (5) business days before the proposed filming date to the Film Liaison. The proposal must include as much detail about the special effects and stunts as possible, including:
  • A map outlining the proposed area where the special effects are taking place
  • The date and time
  • Any potential impacts on the neighbourhood
  • Any potential noise
  • Any potential traffic pattern changes
  • Any potential burning, explosives and/or smoke
Approval for special effects and stunts will only be granted after all identified issues have been adequately addressed by the film company. Police may be required to be on set depending on the impact or public visibility issues. The onset Police Officer will notify 9-1-1 operators immediately before the special effects and stunts take place. Fire Department crew and equipment may also be required on set. Download the Special Effects Application (PDF).

Guns & Gunfire

The film production company is responsible for informing the Ridge Meadows RCMP and/or the Film Liaison if there is any gun or gunfire used during the production. The RCMP will be required on set for weapon escort whenever a gun is used on any public property.

Burning & Explosives

When special effects involving burning or explosives are to be used, you must submit a Special Effects Application (PDF) for approval. The Maple Ridge Fire Department may be required to be on set depending on the details of your special effect.

Noise Relation Request (Addendum D)

Late night and early morning move-ins/move-outs or filming outside the hours defined in the Maple Ridge Noise Control Bylaw No. 5122-1994, as amended, will not be permitted unless the Bylaw Enforcement Department is satisfied that all of the residents of the affected residential or commercial premises impacted by such activities are notified. Copies of the relevant city Bylaws are available through the Economic Development Department or on the City website. Download the Noise Relaxation Request (PDF).

Fire Hydrant Usage

The City of Maple Ridge does not allow access to the City fire hydrants. However, if you require water access for your production you may contact the Film Liaison to supply you with a pre-paid Smart Card that will provide access to our water fill stations. You will be required to hire a water truck to fill for transport.