Business Licences & Electrical Permits for Filming in Maple Ridge

What You Need to Get Started

Business Licence

Business licences for the City of Maple Ridge are valid until December 31 of the year in which they have been issued.  Submit a completed Business Licence Application (PDF) with a fee of $110.00 per production to the Film Liaison or the Licences & Bylaws Department address listed on the form. Note: Check the Non-Resident checkbox.

Electrical Permit Application for Filming (Addendum)

An electrical permit is required prior to energizing any electrical equipment for filming purposes in the City of Maple Ridge as per the Canadian Electrical Code Section 2-016.

Electrical Permit Fees vary with the number of locations. If you have multiple locations, you may list them on one Electrical Permit Application (PDF).

You should use the crew call time of your start date as the time for the electrical inspection. If the proposed filming is cancelled or you need to reschedule your inspection time (up to and including the day of inspection) call 604-467-7311 (select one of the Inspector lines then press “0” for immediate assistance) so the Inspector can be contacted. If filming is cancelled without 24-hour’s notice, you will forfeit the inspection fee charge.

Electrical Contractor Authorization Form for Filming (Addendum)

An Electrical Contractor Authorization Form (PDF). is to be fully completed by your generator operator and submitted along with your Electrical Permit application. The City of Maple Ridge may require a copy of the generator operator’s Electrical Contractor Registration card showing class designation.

An individual Electrical Contractor Authorization form is required for each location. The registered electrical contractor listed on the form MUST BE onsite during the inspection and for the duration of the film shoot.